The Mysterious Roopkund lake also known as Skeleton Lake is famous for many reasons ,here are the 10 crazy facts about it

1. The Skeletons in the Roopkund lake were first discovered by Ranger H.K Madwhal which still had flesh and hair attached to them

2. The Mystery till date remains unsolved of the fact that no one knows how these skeletons arrived there  and what was the cause of their death

3. Rat Jat Pilgrimage happens in every 12 years which 50000 devotees participate and trek barefoot for 22 days

4. The local tells that as per legend Nanda Devi, the Hindu goddess had seen her reflection in this water that gave it the name Roopkund lake

5. The locals believe that the Folk song dedicated to Nanda Devi might have the answers to the Mysterious death of those skeletons

6. It is believed that the disturbances by human, some who have removed the artifacts over the years have caused loss in information of this mystery lake

7. The skeletons found are connected to Mediterranean ancestry, which is 7242 kilometers from their home,  nobody knows why they came to the lake

8. Researchers believe that the death is a part of  pilgrimage gone wrong as there are inscriptions of Rat Jat in the 8th century temples

9. Some of the pilgrims used to come here just to sacrifice themself known as Atmosarg, which was later banned in 1931

10. The researchers after finding the Mediterranean skeleton believe that the lake must have been popular with people abroad and not just locals