These are the 10 crazy facts you didn't know about Padmanabhaswamy temple's treasure

1. The majestic Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple might not look much but has underground chambers filled with treasures

2. This enormous amount of treasure was handled by the Royal Travancore Family to date

3. The treasures were kept in six different vaults which date back to as early as 200 BC with some of the most unique antiques

4. It is said that the vault's treasure had such a huge market value that it was even worth more than the combined wealth of Nizam of Hyderabad, Mughals and British crown 

5. The vaults in the underground chamber were categorized from A to F which were supposedly cursed

6. Although the Door A was cursed, the Supreme Court ordered to open it in 2011, which contained immense treasure

7. Doors C to F were already opened earlier and after opening even Door A, the total value of the treasure was estimated to be $18 billion

8. Door B still remains closed due to the fact it does not have any handle and is known to be one of the doors cursed by swarm of snakes

9. The treasure that was found included gold coins each worth Rs 2.5 crore, ancient jewelry and Gold idol of Lord Vishnu which is 3 feet tall studded diamonds

10. It is estimated that if Door B gets opened, the total value of the treasure inside is estimated to be worth $ 1 Trillion USD.