Bhangarh Fort is a historical fort in Rajasthan that has attracted visitors from near and far, here are the 10 scary facts about it

1. Bhangarh Fort is the named as one of the most haunted places in India, with people claiming to have seen multiple prescence of unknown entity

2. Nobody is allowed inside the Bhangarh Fort  before sunrise and after sunset, as it is believed to have spirit roaming in that time frame

3. It is believed by the locals that who ever visit the Bhangarh fort during the night time will face the evil spirit and might get hurt or will disappear

4. The local resident in Alwar are so scared that the nearest village settlement is about 3.5 kilometers from the Bhangarh Fort

5. Locals believe that only you can only find protection inside Hanuman temple as it is protected by the deity

6. At one point of time this fort used to boast a population of 10000 people which is now all in ruins due to the curse

7. The Bhnagarh Fort's architecture is a miture of Rajput and Mughal Style showing India's diverse culture

8. The Bhangarh Fort is visited by more than 30000 tourist every month making it one of the most iconic monument in Rajasthan

9. The houses in Bhangarh Fort doesn't have any roof as locals say the curse was the cause of it

10. It is widely believed by the locals that during night, the residents of this fort can be heard calling for help but some say its just speculation