Eravikulam National Park is a well-known park in Kerala with a diverse amount of fauna, here are a few you might spot there

1. Giant Squirrel is one of the unique species who have made Eravikulam their home and can be found during your safari 

2. Bengal Tiger is another animal which can be found here a lot but are more towards the denser part of the forest

3. Sloth Bear are an endemic creature that can be found here in this national park which almost look like regular bears

4. Wild Dogs are a common sighting within the park and these animal have a close similarity to Hyenas

5. Indian gaur which is a close relative to bison , avoid coming close to this animal as they are very powerful creatures

6. Nilgiri Tahr is a famous animal here in the Eravkulam National Park and have made it their home

7. Wild Boar are also quite a common sighting here, these are wild pigs with big tusk on them

8. Nilgiri Flycatcher is also found here which can be easily spotted due to its bright blue feathers which cover it