Today we will explore the majestic Pari Mahal a hidden gem and a monument of the Mughal empire 

The Pari Mahal was established in 1650 AD by Dara Shikoh the eldest son of Shah Jahan

The Mughal Gardens at Pari Mahal were built on top of a Buddhist Monastery and  school that taught Sufiism 

As per many stories from the locals some mention that they used to keep princesses as prisoners under the guard of evil magicians

It is believed that Dara Shikoh used to stay at Pari Mahal and use it as a place for his astrology and as well as an observatory

The Pari Mahal is an extraordinary palace with seven terraces that overlook the great Dal Lake in Kashmir.

Although called a Palace, this was never used as a permanent residence for Dara Shikoh 

The Mughal Gardens are the main highlight for tourists arriving here at the Pari mahal 

Pari Mahal is also affilated with ghostly tales as visitors mention sighting spectral shadows