Kerala is one of the most visited destination but its better to avoid these 10 places affected by heavy rainfalls in Kerala

1. The first one the list is Kannur which received an orange alert  with a rainfall prediction of 115.6mm to 204.5mm

2. Kasargod rainfall is also under the orange rainfall alert in previous year of even destructing roads and bridges

3. Wayanad is under orange alert as some forecaster have predicted it to grow into red alert in July.

4. Ernakulam is another location that is under the radar for a prediction of turning into a red alert due to heavy rain

5. Thrissur is going to affected by intense rain  which has cause sever water logging in the past

6. Malappuram rainfall is currently under yellow alert but some forecast say it can turn into orange alert

7. Kozhikode rain has been one of the  districts with yellow alert and has caused many tourists even get stuck in traffic

8. Palakad is currently under yellow alert with forecast of heavy rain  and thunderstorms for the whole week.