Today we will talk about the unique history Gucchupani Robbers cave and how it became a tourist spot

Robbers Cave is a popular tourist destination near Dehradun, which is about almost 200 years old.

The Robbers Cave has formed over the years through the pressure of water which comes from Mussoorie.

The Robbers Cave is formed from limestone which stretches to about 600 meters in length and is divided into two parts

This cave was used as spot for the dacoits to hide their stolen loot from the British Raj hence the name Robbers Cave

The Cave is very narrow which is why the British Raj never expected dacoit Sultana to hide the stolen loot here.

Near the end of the cave there is also a small waterfall where tourists often go to take a quick shower

You will also spot a wall built by the dacoits to protect themselves from the British Raj which a very slippery pathway

It recently came in news headlines for saftey concerns as the narrow robbers cave was flocked by many tourists

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