Vagamon is not just known for its nature but also list of adventurous activities to do there

1. Paragliding is the most popular activity in Vagamon, one of the best adventure activity which cannot be missed

2. Freefall is another adreneline pumping activity in Vagamon which is not for the weak hearts

3. Rocket Ejector is a fun activity that ejects the person with elastic ropes attached to them, making it a thrilling activity

4. Bicycling might not be the kind of thrilling adventure you are looking for but its definitely the best to get around Vagamon

5. Glass bridge is the most exciting one  among all the activities where u stand on a glass bridge that is feets above the Vagamon valley

6. ATV rides make the adventure more real as you ride through the dense green and muddy forest.

7. Zipline hooks u up to a rope while you cross across the beautiful Valley of Vagamon beneath you

8. Paintball is another fun activity to do when you are in Vagamon along with your family and friends

9. Kayaking is another fun actitbity do in the nearby water bodies in Vagamon Kerala