Uttarakhand  also known is Devi Bhoomi is full of surprises , here are top 10 must-visit adventurous places in Uttarakhand

1. Tungnath is a famous destination for many tourists as well devotees of Lord Shiva who head there for pilgrimage

2. Mayali Pass Trek is one of the most difficult treks which adventurers take on due to its charming views

3. Rishikesh is a beautiful pilgrimage location as is famous for its river rafting activity in its aggressive river rapids

4. Chorabari Tal is another amazing must-visit destination that holds one of the most clean and crystal clear water in its lake

5. Shiv Puri is majestic place with an adreneline pumping white water rafting waiting for you, and not for the weak heart

6. Camp Kanatal is another amazing place that is known for its camping site at an astonishing elevation of 8300 feet

7. Saptrishi Kund is a beautiful location which is also a pilgrimage site and is only meant for professional trekkers

8. Benog Wildlife Sanctuary is the best for nature lovers who wuld also love bird-watching in the alluring dense jungle of Uttarakhand

9. Jim Corbett is the best place for going on an open jeep safari to spot tigers in its natural habitat

10. Auli also known as Switzerland of India is famous for skiing and snow boarding among tourists who come from near and far