Kerala being near to the coast is well known for its beaches, here are the top 10 beaches in Kerala

1. Kovalam Beach  has been famous ever since 1930 due its calm waters which known best for sea bathing

2. Marari Beach is well known in Kerala for being the perfect spot for those who just want to be in the sun and lazy

3. Bekal Beach is one of the best beaches in Kerala especially due to Bekal Fort which is situated close to it.

4. Cherari Beach is a beach in Kerala as swimmers have often been known to encounter dolphins here

5. Varkala Beach is famous for often being compared to a beach that is very similar to Goa with tons of things to do in North and South cliff

6. Payyambalam Beach is famous not for the sea but rather its long stretch coast for strolls and recreational activities park

7. Lighthouse beach is a popular beach that is purely famous for its landmark that is the Vizhinjam lighthouse

8. Muzhappilangad Beach is the longest drive-in beach in Asia, and people often come here to drive their car and enjoy their evenings

9. Alappuzha Beach is popular in Kerala for being the best in terms of its water and near by shopping and entertainment hubs

10. Kappad beach in Kerala is not just famous for its views but also because Vasco de Gama had landed here in 1498.