Kerala will always keep surprising you with its unique places, these are the top 10 most unique laces to visit in Kerala

1. Chinese Fishing Nets are now the popular for baiting in tourists due to its historical signifiicane and aid in local economy

2. Palakkad Fort is a popular fort which was built in 1766 and is a testimony by standing against time

3. Fort Kochi is famous for being the first European township and features multiple historical attractions

4. Kerala Folklore Museum is famous for being a popular museum more than 6000 art pieces and itself a true example of Kerala-style architecture

5. Guruvayoor  Temple is known by almost everyone is Kerala which attacts thousands of people due to its rich history and architecture

6. Thalassery Fort an establishment during the first european settlements and a trade mark of spiece export of that time

7.  Kalari Kshtra is a center for the oldest form of martial arts known as Kalaripayattu   and performs shows  for visitors as well

8. St. Francis CSI Church is visited by many and is  the oldest church in Kerala dating back to 1503

9. Hills Palace is also known as the Official residence of Maharaja of Kochi and is famous for its contemporary architecture

10. Edakkal caves is the only place that dates back to ancient history of India during the stone age with ancient artifacts 

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