Jim Corbett National Park is one of the most visit national parks in India, here are the list of things to do there

1. Mountain biking in the Jim Corbett National Park is one of the fun things to do when planning to head there

2. River Crossing is probably the most exciting thing to do here as you try to cross across  the strong river current 

3. River Rafting in the strong rapids within the Jim Corbett National Park has been popular since the beginning

4. Rock Climbing is definitely something else as you get the chance to climb the one of the Himalayan mountains 

5. Take a walk near the Kosi River and immerse yourself with the melodic gushing sound of the water in the river

6. Fishing is a fun and interesting thing to do in Jim Corbett National Park if your a lover of fishing and cooking food on your own

7. Reconnect with spirituality by visiting the Garjia Temple dedicated to goddess Parvati that was found in 1840

8. Visit the Unique Corbett Falls that is surrounded with diverse flora and fauna. It  lets you immerse yourself in the wild by being yourself

9. Go on an Elephant safari while getting a awe-striking view of the beautiful of the beautiful evergreen jungle and its core area

10. Go on a jeep safari  and spot the unique Bengal tigers that rule the jungle with their might and presence