Uttarakhand is not just known for its beautiful locations but also some of its traditional tasty food, here are the those top 10 dishes

1.  One of the most lip smacking dishes of Uttarakhand is Bhang ki Chutney, which gives a unique tangy tamarind flavor with hint of spice

2. Phaanu is a popular dish made from mixture of variety of lentils and is usually had with rice

3. Bhaadi is a unique dish of Uttarakhand made from Black Atta and is known to beneficial for health and  bone density

4. Kafuli is made from a mixture of fenugreek leaves and spinach leaves which are a rich source of healthy nutrients for the body

5. Dubuk is one of most delicious dishes in Garhwal region, this dish is made from Arhar ki Dal and served with rice and Bhang ki Chutney

6. Jhangore ki Kheer is a traditional dessert but uses millets instead of rice to create this stunning and unique dish 

7. Garhwal Ka Fannah is another amazing dish of Uttarakhand which can often be found in the stunning hill station of Mussoorie

8. Kumaoni Raita is another unique dish to have which is not just healthy but is cooling and refreshing condiment during the summers

9. Aloo Gutook is a dish which can be often seen in family functions in the Garhwal region.  Usually served with Poori, Kumaoni raita and Bhang ki Chutney

10. Garhwali Bhuna Mutton is the most favorite dish of many travelers and is made in many homes during the winter season to keep them warm