Honey Museum in Wayanad is only the second of its kind in the world, these are the top 5 things to do here

1. Learning about bees and pollination

The museum teaches the visitors in the museum about the life-cycle of these humble bees and how they pollinate which further helps nature

2. Take Photos with your family and friends

The premises of the Wayanad Honey Museum have some sweet spots where you can click photos with your family members

3. Learn to get honey

Get a on-hand experience as the staff over there teaches you how to retrieve fresh honey from the honey comb.

4. Honey tasting session

Get once in a lifetime chance of tasting honey and not just 1 but 7 different kinds of honey in their tasting session

5. Shopping in Honey Museum Wayanad

Before leaving the museum don't forget to shop for your favorite honey in a jar, cosmetic or our favorite chocolate honey, yummy !