Wayanad is a location that is often loved by nature lovers due its lush green surrounding, here are top 10 places you must visit in Wayanad

1. Edakkal Caves are one of the oldest caves in Wayanad and also are evidences of the earliest human civilization in Wayanad

2. Soochiapara Waterfalls is surrounded with dense jungle and its the best place for trek and rock climbing for adventurers

3. Banasura hills are the best for enjoying the scenic view of the valley along with enjoying the diverse flora and fauna

4. Neelamali View point is about 30 km from Wayanad, many visitors come here for its insane views of the lush green valley

5. Kuruvadeep is an inhabited island in Wayanad making it a perfect place for nature lovers, explorers and trekkers

6. Pookode lake not just offers amazing view of near by rolling mountains but it is naturally the shape of the Indian flag from the aerial view

7. Phantom Rock is an exquisite place for photographers and those who are trying to find solace in Wayanad

8. Chembra Peak is the highest mountain peak in Wayanad which makes it one of the best places for letting yourself go and enjoy the view

9. The Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is known for its jeep safari and if you are lucky you might even spot the Royal Bengal Tiger