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Meet our young team of travelling enthusiasts and writers. You can find about us and mission and vision through this travel blog.

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We make sure to provide you destinations that will remain a part of life forever.

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Our Amazing team that focuses on providing you great content on amazing destinations in India.

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We hold quick quizzes and contests. The lucky winners obviously win prizes.

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Along with providing to travel tips, we plan to increase information of the culturally diverse India.

Our Team

Who We Are

Liza Tenzin

Born in Ladakh and even though born in a cold region she loves her summers. In her free time she loves going out to enjoy some Gol gappas.

Anurag Menon

A Keralite who loves his culture and tradition to the core. He can be always seen suggesting some unique places to visit in Kerala.

Hina Ahmed

Although Modern, Hina is a very traditional girl who loves every bit of the diverse Indian Culture. In her spare time she loves being the bookworm she is.

Chandan Senapati

Chandan Senapati is your go to person when it comes about food, hospitality and travel guidance, with over 7 years experience in hospitality and travel industry.


Our Mission & Vision


Our mission is to create a global community of passionate travelers, adventurers, and wanderers. We aim to connect people from diverse backgrounds who share a love for exploring new destinations, cultures, and experiences. Through our blog, we provide valuable travel tips, inspiring stories, and practical advice to help our readers embark on unforgettable journeys.


Our vision is to ignite curiosity and inspire a sense of wonder in our readers. We believe that travel is not just about ticking off destinations—it’s about embracing the unknown, learning from different cultures, and expanding our horizons. Through captivating narratives, stunning visuals, and insightful guides, we aim to encourage our audience to explore the world with an open heart and an adventurous spirit

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We have been featured across multiple media channels of well recognized companies.