Kuldhara Village has been one of the most intriguing location of Rajasthan, here are 10 crazy facts of this abandoned village

1. Paliwal Brahmins were the first settlers of the Kuldhara Village in the 13th century who were also known for their agricultural skills

2. The Kuldhara Village was a prosperous village with a settlement population of almost 1500 villagers

3. Unfortunately one day in the 19th century, the entire village vanished overnight without a single trace about them

4. The locals near the Kuldhara Village speculated that the villagers had cursed this land before leaving it forever

5. It is believed that the curse so much of hatred towards the land that it resulted to be inhabitable for almost 200 years

6. Some of the locals near to the Kuldhara village have also mentioned of a presence of paranormal entity in the village

7. Over the years the Kuldhara village has become one of the most  visited attractions by tourists from near and far

8. The village has now become a heritage site and is under the Archeological Survey of India due its immense historical significane

9. Kuldhara village due to is popularity has been a part of many documentaries as well as Bollywood movies

10. Unfortunately nobody till date knows the real truth for abandoning the Kuldhara and other 83 villages overnight