Silent Valley National Park is located in Palakkad , Kerala known for its amazing beauty and serene hills, here are 10 things to do there

1. Silent Valley is home to plenty of hills and one of them is Attappadi hills that offer visitors a chance to witness the charming landscape.

2. Virgin Valley is located quite near to Silent Valley and is best place to be at peace while hearing the  melodic gushing sound of the river

3. Trek Near River Kunthi  , which is a best place for not just photography but also for relaxation and cooling off yourself during the summer heat

4. Take a dip in the Keralamkundu Waterfalls which will help you relax and rejuvenate, after a long hike towards it and is also a good spot for family picnic

5. Go for a wildlife safari at the Silent Valley National Park where you get a chance to see Deer, elephants and gaur

6. Get a chance to camp in the tranquil landscape of the Silent Valley, and enjoy the atmosphere and cook yourself a meal 

7. Get on to the watch tower to get a good 360 degree view of the silent valley and easily capture photos of the wild animals

8. Go to Shanti Ayurveda Ashram where they treat using ayurvedic methods , and also a place to immerse yourself in Yoga