Silent Valley - one of the 5 lesser-known hill stations

5 lesser-known hill stations in Kerala to visit during heatwave

It’s summer 2024, and the heatwave in India has made it troublesome for every one to head outdoors. But worry not, as we have got you covered with a listicle of 5 lesser-known hill stations that will surely come to you aid during this heatwave, which has sent even many to hospitals due to heat strokes.

This year the temperatures recorded at the meteorological station in Palakkad were 40 degree Celsius to 40.4 degree Celsius on March 29 and 30, this is probably the highest temperature in Kerala since 2019. The way to escape this heat is definitely plantation and second escape to a cooler climate place located in the serene hills of Kerala. In this travel blog, we will cover about these 5 hill stations to head to for a cooler climate during this hot weather.

1. Ranipuram Hills

The lush green valley surrounding the hill station with immense fog - lesser-known hill stations

The first in our list of 5 lesser-known hill stations is Ranipuram, this hill station is located in northern part of Kerala in Kasaragod. Ranipuram was before known as Madathumala, to its gorgeous hills, it also referred to as the Ooty of Kerala. The Ranipuram Hills is situated at an elevation of 1048 meters above sea level, and is recommended for nature enthusiasts who prefer having lush green surroundings around them. The Ranipuram hills is also perfect for having a family picnic with your loved ones and close ones, it also offers you an opportunity to get a glimpse of herd of elephants who are occasional visitors of the place.

The Ranipuram hills is quite close to the Talakaveri Wildlife Sanctuary at the Kerala and Karnataka border, which home to diverse flora and fauna such as Stripe-necked mongoose, mouse deer and more. The hills on the other hand are known for plethora of shola woods and its monsoon forests.

Temperature: The temperatures in Ranipuram during June and July stay between 18 degree Celsius to 24 degree Celsius, which makes one of the best choices for travel to avoid this extreme heat waves.

2. Peermade Village

Houses on top of the hill with surrounding rolling hills

Peermade is another amazing hill station in Kerala which is also sometimes spelt as Peerumedu. The Peermade village is situated at an astonishing elevation on 915 meters. Peermade which also mean “peer’s valley’, it gets its connection from the 18th century sufi , Peer Mohammed. Peer Mohammed would often cross the western ghats for spice trade and had built a good relationship overtime with the Travancore Royal Family. He fell in love with the mesmerizing beauty of the land after which decided to stay back thus giving the name Peerumedu.

Peermade is a heaven on earth for nature lovers that includes amazing waterfalls, open grass lands and pine forests. The royal family of Travancore would often visit Peermade, as the found that Peermade had a much better ideal climate as compared to tropical heat of Trivandrum, who made a simple outpost in Kerala style to enjoy the Peermade’s ambiance and climate.

Temperature: The temperature in Peermade during June and July stay between 16 degree Celsius to 24 degree Celsius, creating an ideal location for travel and relaxation.

3. Gavi

A lake in the middles with two green islands located side to side

Gavi is a hill station located in the tranquil hills of Kerala, located about 14 kilometers from Thekkady ,28 kilometers from Kumily, near Thekkady and home to the beautiful Neer Veezhcha Waterfalls. Gavi is located within the Ranni reserve forest which means you are sure to be within a dense jungle with a cooling climate all over. Gavi is also part of the Periyar Tiger reserve and is known to be home to gropher trees also known as nirampalli which are supposedly believed to be found only in Gavi.

Gavi being located within a reserve forest is home to plethora of wildlife which includes leopards, bears, Indian gaur, sambar, mouse deer, Nilgiri langur, Nilgiri marten, Malabar giant squirrel and over 250 species of birds including kingfishers, woodpeckers, bulbuls, Great Pied Hornbills, and various species of mynas.

This place makes it best for those who would love to immerse their self with the wildlife and its surroundings, the visitors also have a chance to set up a tent within the forest from November to March.To enter the reserve forest it costs about Rs 25 per person, which is not bad at all when you think of the amazing experience and climate in Gavi.

Temperature: The temperatures in Gavi range from 17 degree Celsius to 24 degree Celsius in June and July, making it worth while visiting this place during this heat.

4. Silent Valley

A beautiful green valley during the sunrise in early morning
Silent Valley

Silent Valley is one of the most majestic hill stations in this list if you wish to be in a cooling climate and seclusion. The Silent Valley hill station is located at the foot of the Nilgiri Hills which span over an area of more than 6000 kilometers square. In the beginning the, the Silent Valley was first explored by the botanist named Robert Wight. He would employ Indian botanical artists to illustrated many of the plants that were collected by him during his exploration.

It is also believed that ages ago, that the Pandavas and Draupadi had taken shelter here to save themself from the clutches of their cousins , the Kauravas. Draupadi had disguised herself as a maid to a queen, known as Sairandhiri, which in turn lead to the name of the Silent Valley as Sairandhrivanam. The reason why this place got the name Silent Hill, it is because during the British Expedition of the valley by Robert Wright in 1857, the found out that the sound of the Cicadas also known as tree cricket is missing, which led to the English name- Silent Valley.

This valley has become popular hill station overtime with ecologists and naturalist who love this place due to its diverse and exquisite flora that include more than 1000 species of flowering plants, 107 species of orchids and more.

Temperature: The temperatures in June and July can range from 18 degree Celsius to a maximum of 24 degree Celsius, consider visiting this place to avoid the tropical heat.

5. Malakkappara


The final one in our list of lesser-known hill stations is Malakkappara located near the Thrissur district, which is one of the tiniest hill station as compared to the others in this article surrounded by Parambikulam Tiger Reserve, Anamalai Tiger Reserve and Nelliampathy Hills. The Malakkapara in Malayalam language means “: Rock of the Angel” as per the legends by the Saint Thomas Christians in Kerala.

The Malakkappara is not just famous for its amazing panoramic view but is also famous for its beautiful surrounding of tea plantations which fill the air with beautiful fragrance. Most of these plantations have been here from the time of British and the early establishment of East India Company for the fragrant tea leaves. Since the hill station is located near the Parambikulam Tiger Reserve, you would be able to spot elephants, tigers, leopards and variety of bird species during your wild safari here.

You can also take a scenic trail walk at Malakkappara to enjoy the alluring tea plantations and majestic landscapes that will surely leave anyone stunned.

Temperature: The temperature in Malakkappara range from 20 degree Celsius to 24 degree Celsius making it a pleasant climate to enjoy this beautiful hill station.

Note: The best time to visit these hill stations is from October to March, but the climates during the summer have also been recorded not harsh, which is why visiting during the heatwave is a good plan for a mini rejuvenation vacation.


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