Dehradun is a serene hub spot in Uttarakhand known for its diver crowd, here are the 9 must-visit hidden gems of Dehradun

1. Robbers Cave in Dehradun is known as a favorite picnic spot for couples and family with small maggi stalls inside the cave

2. Dehradun Zoo is one of the most visited places where they exhibit unique animals and aquatic animals

3. Sabir Raha Oil Museum is quite an insight full museum showcasing the  small models of various way to extract oil from earth

4. Clock Tower of is the main landmark of Dehradun, it is a street filled small stalls and shops and is recommended if you want to go for shoping

5. Shikar Falls is a famous waterfall being one of less-crowded falls and great for bird-watching while being surrounded by dense vegetation

6. MDDA Park is a palce where you can find solace within its velvety green gardens and beautiful fountains 

7. Buddha Temple in Dehradun is home to the biggest the Stupa in Asia and shows beautiful murals depicting the life of Buddha

8. Kalanga War Memorial Depicts the valor of the Gorkhas during the first battle of Anglo-Nepalese in 1814

9. Rajaji National Park is a great way to immerse yourself in the wild by taking a safari to  see wild animals in natural habitat