India is an incredible destination, and what if we told you that you can travel in India for free without burning much money

Step 1: Plan your travel itinerary accordingly depending on the places you are visiting which allows you to calculate the budget required 

Step 2: Volunteer in fields such as teaching or content creation and get to travel for free with accommodation and food

Step 3: Participate in local festivals as the organizers are known to provide food and accommodation for participants 

Step 4: Help out in the temple chores and the temple will openly provide you free food and accommodation 

Step 5: Hitch Hiking is the best and most convenient way to get to any spot by asking fellow people to drop you on the way

Step 6: Camping is the best way to avoid any accommodation cost as it will allow you to also enjoy the nature

Step 7: Offer your your skills or talent in return for a product or service from the other person

Step 8: Taking public transportation costs money but it is probably the cheapest means of transportation in India

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