How can i Travel for free in Kerala

How can I Travel for Free in Kerala & in India

You are a traveler, and your traveling in Kerala but your budget is constraint as you have spent money on unnecessary travel expenditures. Today, in this travel blog we discuss on one of the most asked questions to us which is” How can I Travel for free in Kerala“. Travelling in Kerala for free is everybody’s dream, well we mean who doesn’t want to travel free in the very “God’s own country”.

In this this detailed article we discuss about the ways, how you would be able to travel for free in Kerala without making expensive expenditures that would often result your pocket to burn out, so if you are stuck in Kerala and trying to find a way to stop your cash from flying away during your travel this article is for you.

1. Planning Your Travel Itinerary Wisely

A person planning is travel before going for travel

Before anything first you should always take into consideration that planning before your travel is going to be your biggest savior, which we can guarantee that out of 100 people only 25 would do them since they might have experienced their previous travel in their early age with money constraints. But do not fear, we are going to transform you into a pro traveler who knows how to make his travel the most budget-friendly travel there could be. Who knows, soon enough your friends would be asking suggestions to you about how did you make that travel to Kerala happen with almost no money.

Step 1

Continuing, planning is one of your most important strategies before your travel to Kerala. Make sure that you research and identify the must-visit locations and spots in Kerala such as Wayanad, Munnar, Alleppey, Varkala, and Vagamon.

Step 2

Prioritize your attractions based on which places are the most important and suggested by previous travels and travel guides. The most important is to select them also based on their distance as that will help you cover most of the attractions easily without you having to rush from one place to another due to the time frame that you have. Try to research deeply on some of the hidden gems that are located usually deep with the western ghats of Kerala which folks often forget to explore.

Step 3

This is probably one of the most crucial steps there is, it would be clumsy and lazy from your part if you don’t realize that opting for traveling to Kerala during the off season is your best way to significantly reduce your overall expenses in accommodation and transportation costs. Remember to attain the best possible offers during the off season especially for your train travels.

2. Hitch Hiking

A blonde american girl asking for a hitch hike

We know what a lame method, but is also the best way to travel for free in Kerala and yes it does come with a few risks that one might fear. But hitch hiking is probably the best way to get around especially for backpackers who haven’t planned a single bit of their travel. Remember to always prioritize your safety and staying cautious at all time while hitch hiking.

Although the best part about hitch hiking in Kerala is that it isn’t much of a problem since there are about 20% English speakers in the Kerala state which means that in every 10 people you have a chance of finding 2 person who speak good enough English to help you out during your travel.

Kerala is also one of the places where you are sure to feel the heart warm welcome and hospitality, its one of those states where you can find a masjid right next to a Hindu temple and people have no problem with it. However, always stay precautious as the people you meet are still no family to you, which is best to only keep a good distance and thanking them for their help in transporting you.

3. Camping vs Hotels

A person camping showing the beautiful nature outside from the tent

Staying in hotels is not just a convenience but is also an expense which you should avoid when and whenever possible while trying to travel for free. The best method would be to carry a portable tent and a sleeping bag with you wherever you travel this not just helps with saving tons of money but you get to also enjoy walking up in the open air.

There are abundant places in Kerala which have designated spots for camping or you can also ask for permissions you plan to wish on camp on any private property most of them would be fine with it but also be open to hear no, as not everyone has a person who is camping on their lawn.

4. Visit Temples and Participate in Local Festivals

Sikh people making food for the devootees within the temple

Food can be a problem when you don’t have money but not a problem when you have temples, Kerala is filled with plethora of temples which date back to as early as the second age of Hinduism, and in these temple you will easily find food as on a every day basis these temples serve free food to more than 1000 of visitors in their temple without charging them a single penny. The free food are usually known as langar in India where the food is cooked by Brahmins and served by them to you on either a banana leaf or a regular stainless steel plate within the temple’s halls.

Another best way to get free food is by participating in local events and festivals which are organized within the town or city you are in Kerala. The organizers of these events usually provide the participants with free food and also sometimes free accommodation.

5. Volunteering

Volunteering girls packing food

Often people don’t think about this which is quite strange for the fact that volunteering would not just give you work experience but will also be able to provide you transportation and accommodation. There plethora of volunteering platforms for you to choose from online such as Volunteer Yatra and more. All you have to do is go to google and choose what kind of skills are you able to provide to the volunteering platform which could be anywhere from plantation, teaching the rural kids or even content creation regarding the particular location.

6. Try Barter System

barter system

One of the best way to get a free product or service in this world is by offering a skill or service. It might take a little convincing to get the right amount of people to actually give you a product or service but if you have a skill that they might be looking for or are in need of then it might just be your lucky day.

You can provide your skill such as even cleaning the floor or washing the dishes to get a one time free food. So incase you do happen to get stuck , then do not hesitate to go up to a counter and asking them if they need someone to clean their dishes which you can in return for a good meal.

7. Public Transportation

A KSRTC bus traveling in the western ghats of kerala

The final one in our list of “How can I travel for Free in Kerala?” although this requires some amount of money in your pocket to travel , it is still one of the best options for travel within the Kerala state, you will be saving up a lot of money if you are travelling in the KSRTC buses which are very affordable, cheap and take you on long journeys with a bare minimum cost. The buses can get crowded but are one the best means of travelling within Kerala especially if you are planning to travel far off places since cabs can get very expensive.

Always remember that the reason why we wrote this article is for the fact that travelling for free in Kerala or any other state in India would be free to some extent but not possible at all times as you will face minor obstacles such as language, people and culture. There fore, make sure that you plan your travel accordingly well ahead of time to make sure that you don’t end up ruining your own travel experience.


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