Rishikesh is not just for pilgrimage but is popular among youths for tons of adventure activities

1. Giant Swing is a heart pumping acitivity done where a pair is swung into the air above the river in Rishikesh with amazing views

2. Paragliding is an another amazing activity to do in Rishikesh as you soar across the sky with beautiful landscape below you

3. River rafting is probably one of those activities why Rishikesh became famous over the years among many travelers

4. Rock climbing the stunning mountains of Rishikesh is must when you are there, allowing you to test your strength 

5. Camping in Rishikesh's beautiful and dense forest that makes you feel as a part of the beautiful nature 

6. Knee boarding in the amazing Tehri lake which is surrounded by lush green forest and beautiful mountains

7. Banana ride in the amazing Tehri lake which will take on the most thrilling adventure of a lifetime 

8. Flyboard is one of the most adventurous activities where you do various maneuvers in the pristine Tehri lake in Rishikesh 

9. Bungee jumping is definitely not for the weak heart as you jump below into the valley from thousands of feet above