Beyond the majestic architecture and palaces, Rajasthan is popular for having many haunted places,

1. Nahargarh Fort is known to be still haunted by the Rathore prince - Nahar Singh Bohmia who still haunts people who try to hurt the fort.

2. Rana Kumbha Palace is another haunted place in Rajasthan that is known to be haunted by a women in royal attire with a burnt face

3. Brij Raj Bhawan later which was turned into a hotel is known to be haunted by a British solider who often hits the dozing guards

4. Jagatpura in Rajasthan is a haunted residential place where visitors have heard wailing cries of the villagers and children 

5. Jal Mahal that is now submerged under the lake, beautiful but local hear cries during the night within its four walls

6. Kuldhara Village that was left deserted over night by its villagers is known for is eerie surrounding and apparitions forming out of thin air

7. Delhi Jaipur Highway although not a fort is known for many scary sightings, as many spot the dead lady while passing from here

8. Chand Baori is another place where local legends say that it is haunted by many jinn take try to allure visitors into the well

9. Bhangarh Fort is one of the most haunted place not just in Rajasthan but India as well. It is known to be dangerous to enter here after sunset