an apparition in one of the haunted places in Jaipur

Top 5 haunted places in Jaipur for thrill seekers

Are you one of those travelers who aren’t afraid of the dark or even shadows that give off eerie feeling and send down a tingling chill down the spine, then this travel blog is for you. In this travel blog post, we will be discussing about the Top 5 haunted places in Jaipur for thrill seekers. Beyond the royal palaces and the bustling streets of Jaipur lies an unknown world of paranormal activities that are beyond the understanding of human beings.

We will today delve into the depths of Jaipur’s haunted past and unveil the the top 5 haunted places that continue to send down fear down the spines of local residents and visitors alike.

1. Kuldhara Village: The Disappearance of the Villagers

old left ruins of the Kuldhara village and some stone son the ground
Kuldhara Village and its ruins

The first one in our top 5 haunted places list is the famous Kuldhara Village in Jaipur, Rajasthan from where thousands of villagers vanished over night without a single trace. The Kuldhara Village was first established during the early 13th century by the Paliwal Brahmins, these Brahmin community were specifically skilled in both business as well as agricultural sector which allowed them to flourish for a very long time. Their initial origin is from a town in Rajasthan known as Pali.

Unfortunately, in the year 1825 something strange happened during the night, the local villagers of the Kuldhara Village and the other 83 nearby villages disappeared in dark night without leaving a trace of where they went or what made them leave the place all so suddenly.

Legend and other stories told by the local say that Salim Singh, who was an evil prime minister had laid eyes upon the daughter of the village head, who had decided himself that he would marry her with or without her consent, which could have let the whole village to disappear without a trace, but this hasn’t convinced many because if it is so then why is it that those who tried to live again within this village had to face strange paranormal activities which didn’t allow them to live here peacefully.

Many locals often say that they hear wailing noises during the night time if and when they pass by this village. Today, it has become a heritage site and is visited by many visitors who come from near and far to see this unique village.

2. Jagatpura – A haunted residential place

A scary complex in Jagatpura - haunted places in jaipur
An old building complex in Jagatpura

It would strange to believe that a well-known residential place of Jaipur be home to a ghost, guess this ghost doesn’t plan on leaving as its got more victims to scare. Unfortunately, the people residing here have seen, felt and heard strange things that has made it into one of the most haunted places of Jaipur. This place almost seems as if it were from a movie but we guess this movie is quite true and even we might think twice before going to this place.

The residents and locals who live around the Jagatpura area of Jaipur have mentioned seeing apparitions of a women in white who often romans the streets of this area during the night, some have mentioned shadows suddenly appearing and disappearing and loud sorrowful cries of a women, we don’t know how scared you are right now but we would surely run for our lives.

However, the history of this place goes like this, long before the king of this haunted area in Jaipur was very greedy and selfish and that due to such a bad personality, the villagers of this area cursed him during their last breath while dying due extreme starvation, it is told that the spirits of those villagers still cry out for help from visitors who are known to visit this place.

3. Rana Kumbha Palace – Spirit of Rani Padmini

An spirit walking the corridor in a traditional attire

This majestic Palace often known for historical significance and architectural beauty is located within the Chittorgarh Fort was built by Bappa Rawal in 734 AD, which was later rebuilt by Maharana Kumbha which is why the name of the palace is after him. Although many tourists have known to visit this place due to the fact that it is the largest monument within the Chittorgarh Fort but what they don’t know is that this palace is very well haunted.

As per legends and local sources, it is said that when Alauddin Khalji ( the Sultanate of Delhi )invanded the Palace after defeating Ratan Singh the last Rajput Ruler of the Guhila dynasty , during which Rani Padmani and 700 women who resided within the Palace committed Jauhar (Self-immolation). Since then, visitors have mentioned of seeing a women in Royal attire with a burn face walking the corridors of the palace, some have even heard frail women voice asking for help.

The question is, is it really Rani Padmini’s spirit , and do those 700 women still reside within the palace who strive to ask for help to go onto the next world, guess you’ll never known until you visit it.

4. Jal Mahal: A Lake Spirit

A submerged Rajasthani palace inside a lake
The exterior of the heritage site Jal Mahal

Jal Mahal which refers to the Water Palace was built by Maharaja Madho Singh I in the year 1750, which was not used as a palace or a place of residence but more as a hunting lodge while on a trip for hunting ducks. Although which did not mean that the architecture of this Mahal would have been anywhere from from small, because its Rajputana style architecture definitely speaks of grandeur in every way possible. Unfortunately, this beloved Mahal is now submerged 4 storeys under the Man Sagar Lake.

Many tourists still visit the 300 year old abandoned Palace to get a glimpse of its magnificent architecture but what many don’t know is that there this that there have been sightings of apparitions over the lake and some have even claimed to hear loud voices within the walls of the Palace, who knows what might have happened within the four walls of this majestic Jal Mahal. Many locals often refer tot his palace of having a demonic presence but never has it been proved, are you brave enough to prove that ghosts don’t exist there.

5. Nahargarh Fort: The Spirit of Nahar Singh Bhomia

interior of the nahargarh fort during evening
Interior of the Nahargarh Fort

Nahargarh Fort is the last one in our list of Top 5 haunted places in Jaipur. The Nahargarh Fort which also means the abode of tigers is a famous fort which was built in the early 1734 by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh, the Fort is known for its historical significance and was used as a summer vacation house by the royal Rajput family. The fort has seen many chapters of history in front of it and has with stood the power of time. The Nahargarh Fort was once used to belong to the former Rathor Prince known as Nahar Singh Bhomia.

The Rathore prince had a lot of love towards his fort and did not like anyone who would touch or hurt his fort. As per the legend it is said that the engineers who tried to construct and make changes to the fort initially, were found dead in the morning. Over the years when construction was being done to the fort it had to face a lot of problems. It is said that whoever plans to hurt the fort is able to see the Rathore prince’s ghost.

As it was noticed that Nahar Singh’s spirit is angry due to his attachment with the fort, the fort was later named Nahargarh Fort from Sudarshangarh Fort. Are you brave enough to meet Nahar Singh Bhomia?


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