Best Bangalore airport lounges for budget travelers

Best Bangalore airport lounges for budget travelers in 2024

Ever wondered what those swanky areas in airports are all about? Today in this travelblog, let’s delve into” Best Bangalore airport lounges for budget travelers”. Airport lounges are like the special zones or what you might call as VIP zones where you get to chill before your flight. You can think of these lounges as your comfy oasis in the chaos of the bustling terminals, but here’s the astonishing part which you didn’t know- they’re not just for the rich and famous people anymore.

Why People Love Airport Lounges?

Inside the premium lounge with soft sofa

Well, let’s take a scenario for an instance , you’re at Bangalore Airport, tired and hungry, the main terminal is packed, noisy and unfortunately you have plenty of time to kill.

Now let’s change this entire scenario for you, where you can image yourself with:

  1. Comfy seats
  2. Free food and drinks
  3. Fast Wi-Fi
  4. Clean restrooms
  5. Maybe even showers

This is what an airport lounge is for you, I just told you all the reasons of why people would love airport lounges.

Typical Costs associated with lounge access

Let’s talk about what you might have to shell out for those cushy and comfortable airport seats. I’ve been in and out of more lounges than I can count, and here’s the real deal on the costs:

Pay as you go: Expect to pay up about anywhere from Rs 1000 to Rs 1500 for about 2 hours of stay at these fancy lounges, Ouch! quite expensive right?

Memberships: To get a priority pass access to the lounge there is an annual member ship fee which ranges from $99 USD to $469 USD (equaling to Rs 8272 to Rs 39189), these are for those who are occasional to frequent flyers.

Credit Card Perks: Some of the fancy plastic gets you into these exotic lounges for “Free” yes, that’s true but unfortunately the annual fess to retain these credit cards are definitely not pocket change.

Airline status: Fly enough, and you might score free access. But at what cost to your time and sanity?

But here is the kicker, is this all worth it? For me, it purely depends on :

  1. How long my layover is?
  2. If I need to freshen up?
  3. Whether I’m in the mood for decent grub

Pro tip: This is something what many people and even airport people don’t tell you. Always check if your ticket includes lounge access. You’d be surprised how often people would miss out on freebies.

Budget-Friendly lounge options at Bangalore Airport

Plaza Premium Lounge

Sitting area near the terminal inside the lounge area

Ever landed at Bangalore Airport, dead tired, with plenty of hours to kill for your next flight heading to else where? I’ve been there and it is definitely not fun. But what if I told you there’s a way to chill in style without breaking the bank or spending heavy money, well I mean who doesn’t want to enjoy the facilities of a airport lounge for FREE? Enter the Plaza Premium Lounge.

Why Plaza Premium Lounge is a Game-Changer?

This luckily ain’t your typical overpriced airport lounge. This is where Plaza Premium Lounge get sit as they know what the usual traveler and public wants, and they also know there are a lot of people who want the premium and luxury comfort without shelling money from our wallets. Here’s what they put on the table for you:

  1. Free Wi-Fi that works incredibly fast
  2. Comfy seats ( way better than those plastic hard seats at the terminal)
  3. Decent and tasty food that won’t cost you big bucks
  4. Showers to freshen up ( this is especially the best, if you have travelled long hours)

Location: Easy access and Easy to find it

Don’t worry you don’t need a treasure map to find the Plaza Premium Lounge, the lounge is right after security within the domestic terminal. Are you an International traveler? Don’t worry there is one for you too. Or ask any airport staff and they will show you the way to it.

The Million Dollar Question: What’s its Cost?

This is where everything gets more interesting! The prices at the Plaza Premium Lounge start at about Rs 1000 for 2 hours, I know “It’s not cheap”. But let me break down the entire thing for you, and portray why Lounge might be a better choice for you compared to anything else at the airport.

  1. Airport food prices are way expensive, and in the lounge you get unlimited free food with drinks
  2. You get to even sleep at the comfortable couch
  3. Unlimited high speed internet makes it all the more better

Definitely sounds much better right, but now you must be wondering that I said “Best Bangalore airport lounges for for budget travelers” so let us move further up the rank to get in for less.

The Ultimate Hack Get in the Lounge for Less

Yup, there is a small secret of which many don’t take advantage of , that is credit cards. Many of the travel credit cards offer free or discounted lounge access. Here are some of the credit cards which give you the lounge access:

  1. HDFC Business Regalia
  2. Axis Mastercard
  3. ICICI Mastercard
  4. HSBC Credit Card

Incase your credit card does not have a complimentary lounge access, try looking for online deals. There are travel sites such as MakeMyTrip and Expedia often have discounted passes for travelers who wish to get into the lounge during their long flights and transits.

What’s there to eat at this lounge?

The selection of food in this lounge is particularly good as you get to choice from multiple choices of salads, starters, Hot Coffee, Hot tea, Fresh Fruit Juice, Desserts, Water Bottle and many more but unfortunately the alcohol is paid so do check if your pass or credit card covers it.

Definitely better than the regular airport sandwiches you get to it without much filling inside that leave you still starving.

Tip: Try the masala chai at the lounge is surprisingly very good.

Above Ground Level Lounge

Sitting area for guests at the lunge in 080 lounge

Another lounge that will surely be your savior as a luxury lounge during your budget travel is Above Ground Level Lounge which is also known as 080 Lounge. The Above Ground Level Lounge is located right opposite of the Plaza Premium Lounge. This lounge is currently being maintained by the BIRD GROUP. Best thing is that you don’t require a fancy membership to get inside this premium lounge.

What is Inside this luxury lounge?

Food and desserts at a display for guests to choose from

There are plenty of things within this lounge and I can guarantee it is worth all your time and penny. Here are a list of few amenities in 080 lounge that will blow your mind:

  1. Refreshments/Food as good as luxury hotels
  2. Fresh Juice and Drinks
  3. Alcoholic Beverages
  4. Internet Access/ Wi-Fi
  5. Newspaper and Magazines for reading
  6. Accessibility for Disabled People
  7. Air- Conditioning
  8. Non- Smoking zone
  9. Closed work Stations

With all of these benefits you surely are to be comfortable, enjoy a good meal, relax before you get into you flight.

Cost For Accessing 080 Lounge

To access this premium lounge the best way is by showcasing your credit card, well i mean why pay when its already a complimentary access right. These are a few cards and passes that are allowed the complimentary access:

  1. American Express Platinum Cards
  2. American Express Centurion Cards
  3. Priority Pass
  4. IndusInd Signature Card
  5. IndusInd Infinite Card
  6. Axis Bank Debit Card
  7. Dragon Pass
  8. Lounge Key
  9. Lounge Club Card

Incase you don’t have any of the above mentioned cards or passes to access this premium card, you can always pay an extra amount of Rs 499 to Rs 850 to upgrade your card for the entry to the lounge. The access is for 2 hours and you can enjoy all the premium treatment as if you were in 5 star hotel.

But wait you might be wondering I paid well, so how do you get the best out of the money you paid? It is quite simple and these are few instructions you have to follow to make the most of your visit.

Here’s how to squeeze every penny’s worth:

  1. Time it right: Visit during off-peak hours for a quieter experience.
  2. Come hungry: Fill up on the complimentary snacks and save on overpriced airport food.
  3. Get some work done: Use the business facilities to be productive.
  4. Freshen up: Take advantage of the shower facilities if you’ve had a long journey.


Bangalore Airport is one of the most renowned airports in the world for delivering the best service and hospitality throughout its terminals, as a traveler you will be visiting this airport plenty of times and to make sure its worth the while, the premium and luxury lounges do the work here.

In this article I have discussed about the Best Bangalore airport lounges for budget travelers and it is these two- Premium Plaza Lounge and Above Ground Level Lounge also known as 080 lounge. When travelling if you will tired and want a better comfortable seat with unlimited and delicious food, consider going to this airport lounge.


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