how to pack light luggage when traveling in India

How to pack light luggage when traveling in India

Be honest, It has always been a burden planning your luggage when it comes to carrying light-weight as almost everything seems to be necessary right at the end moment. But don’t worry we got you covered, in this travel blog, we will be discussing on the topic “how to pack light luggage when traveling in India” since the simplistic things are often the most complicated ones.

Packing light is essential for a hassle-free travel experience for every traveler especially when it comes down to travelling across various states and terrains and far off places where heavy luggage might only cause trouble during the travel. Without keeping you readers further waiting let’s begin with our tips on packing a light luggage.

1. Make the Carry-on Your Travel Companion

A Carry-on luggage on a wooden flooring inside a room
Carry-on baggage

Although many might think that Carry-on luggage is an extra burden, Carry-on luggage offer several benefits to the travelers. When travelling with a carry-on luggage, it’s easier to skip the long queues at the check-in counter and head straight to the security point, especially near the baggage claim after your flight. One of the best parts about the carry-on luggage is that it is cost effective since most of flight charges fees for a even the slightest bit of extra weight of your baggage.

Further more, when you handle you own bag, the chances of it getting lost and delayed during transit is reduced by many folds in probability, while also allowing you move easily through crowded places with your essentials being with you.

2. Be the Heavy Boot Samaritan

A person wearing heavy black boots during autumn in India
wearing a heavy boot

You might be thinking why wear a heavy boot when you can wear something as light as a croc slipper to make it a comfortable travel for you, but wearing a heavy bott not just reduces that weight from your luggage but is also helpful when traveling through the diverse rough terrain of India. It is sure that you might convenient places to walk around it just a plain sporty running shoe or maybe just simple plain sneakers but if you are an adventure freak who loves to travel and explore the hidden gems of India.

It is best to wear this heavy boots which also help in protecting your foot while maintaining ankle protection. The best part is that most of the heavy boots are usually water proof which is the best when traveling India during monsoon season , or even just shallow streams.

Travel Tip: Try to also carry a versatile shoes which you that fit almost any occasion and with any kind of clothes that you wear as it becomes more easy to give space for your other travel essentials.

3. Get those Packing Cubes

A man packing his luggage using the help of packing cubes
Packing cubes

When thinking of making the best of even the smallest of spaces in your luggage due to weight restrictions in your travel, these packing cubes come to you as your saviors and you can trust as millions of people use them on a daily basis when traveling. You can think of packing cubs as folders for your luggage which help you store and optimize your luggage space while enabling to pack light luggage when traveling in India.

The bigger cube is usually for taking slightly bulky items such as denim jeans, sweater, and pants, meanwhile the medium ones can be used for your shirts, t-shirts, tank tops and the smallest one can be for your socks and undergarments. The best part is that even when you unpack your luggage you don’t have to ruin your other clothing when trying to find a single piece of clothing which you would like to wear.

4. Try Carrying those Small Fancy Toiletries

A person packing his essentials in small sized toiletries
Small sized toiletries

We know, you know what we are talking about here, remember you as a young kid were fascinated with those small toiletries that were kept in side the hotel rooms as complimentary gift. Well, it’s time to not just get fascinated by them involving them in your travel kit as well. These travel-sized toiletries are your best pals during your trip.

Try carrying solid shampoo bars, compact makeup kits and tooth paste tablets inside of those regular huge ones which are both heavy and take up too much space.

Travel Tip: Buy small containers which you can fill up with your lotion, cream, and any other essential required by you.

5. Mix and Match Always Works

A person try to put clothes in the luggage using mix and match
Mix and Match clothes

Don’t be foolish and carry just your favorite, because that is the first step in ruining your trip and running after buying clothes in India. yes, we understand you want your lucky t-shit to come along with you but doesn’t it make much more sense when you carry a versatile clothing items which can be easily mixed and matches when exploring a vibrant country like India.

It is also best to add lightweight layers into your luggage because just like India’s diverse culture and tradition, it’s climate is diverse as well which can quickly shift from hot to cold as in a snap of a finger. Imagine, if we could snap and get any clothing we wanted to wear not possible so its best to pack the luggage logically rather than emotionally.

Travel Tip: Try avoiding clothes of dark colors during the summer season in India in your luggage if you don’t to feel the wrath of India’s heat.

6. Forget about the Maybe

packing the essentials in the luggage such as first aid box and other gadgets
Packing essential items

Don’t always go with the statement of ” Maybe i need this, Maybe i need that” , because this “Maybe” will not let you pack light luggage when traveling in India. It is best to think logically and carry on the essentials which are seen as the highest of importance. Try to give the items you are packing a ranking factor, very similar to the Food Pyramid ranking.

The medical care, essentials related to health come as the top of the pyramid, the clothes and shoes come into the second, power banks and necessary equipment necessary during travel come into the third, and the last is any miscellaneous items which is closely related to your travel and might be beneficial in at least 80 percent of your trip can be considered to be put in your luggage.

Essentials to consider when packing

When packing there are a few essentials to consider within your luggage. Here is a list of them to make your packing easier and smooth:

  1. First Aid Kit: bandages, moleskin, tape and other basic medicine
  2. Documents: Copies of your vaccinations, passport, identity card, and travel insurance
  3. Toiletries: shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, and shaving kit
  4. Health items: Hand-sanitizer and Antimalarials
  5. Gadgets: Power bank, tripod and a hard drive for storage of your pictures during travel


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