Kempty Falls and people enjoying their time around the falls in Mussoorie

Kempty Falls: Timings, Entry Fees, Activities and More

Welcome folks to another travel blog of Travel Desi, today we will discuss about Kempty Falls one of the most enchanting waterfalls located in Lakhwad, Ram Gaon of Tehri Garhwal District of Uttarakhand in India. Travelers from near and far from India and other countries come to visit this unique marvel which leaves most them drawn into its alluring melodic sound of the water falling against these rock formations.

It’s pristine beauty, lush surroundings, and refreshing water make it one of the best locations to visit especially during the summer time for the perfect rejuvenation, its a must-visit for both adventure seekers and nature lover, so without waiting any further lets delve into the fresh waters of Kempty Falls.

History of Kempty Falls

Kempty Falls Mussoorie cascading from its five levels
Kempty Falls location

Kempty Falls has been a renowned and popular waterfall since the very beginning which dates back to as early as 1835. Kempty Falls which is visited by thousands and thousands of people today was eventually developed by a British officer name John Mekinan. The name Kempty Falls is derived from “Camp- Tea from the fact that the British officers used the Falls as a spot for their camping and tea location, further more the term Kempty as per the English Dictionary means ” a location where water is collected”

The waterfall is located at an astonishing elevation of 4500 feet near the scenic hill station of Mussoorie, the waterfall cascades down in five levels from a 50 feet height leaving nature enthusiasts stunned with its breath-taking views.

Uttarakhand is a place known as Dev Bhumi also land of gods as Hindu mythology has stories of Gods arriving here, making Kempty Falls even more fascinating. Over the years, the Kempty Falls has commercialized itself in such a way that it sees a footfall of almost more than 1 million tourists and more on a monthly basis and since Kempty Falls is located near Dehradun and Mussoorie it makes it a perfect sot for travelers to visit Kempty Waterfalls as it covers other unique attractions that are located close to it.

Kempty waterfalls receives such huge crowd, that at one point of time the government of Uttarakhand had to take strict actions where they allowed only 50 members within the Kempty Falls pool for a maximum of 30 minutes. Today, that order has been removed and travelers who head towards Dehradun or Mussoorie make sure to add Kempty falls in their travel itinerary.

Kempty Falls Timings

Day of the WeekTimings
Sunday8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Monday8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Tuesday8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Wednesday8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Thursday8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Friday8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Table of Kempty waterfalls timing

Tip: The best time to visit Kempty falls is during the summer especially from months of March to June, as Uttarakhand is blessed by the beautiful monsoon season and the Falls are at its fullest during this time, making it a wonderful spectacle.

You can prefer to visit during the month of June to September as well, but we sure to recheck as the falls tend to get quite aggressive during this period.

Kempty Falls Mussoorie Entry fees and other charges

Tickets /other chargesPrice
Entry to Kempty FallsFree
Ropeway/Cable car to the Falls (both ways)Rs 200- Rs 250 per head depending on the season
Extra Rental CostumeRs 50
Changing Room Rs 100
Toilet Rs 10
Car ParkingRs 200
Two wheeler ParkingRs 50
LockerRs 100
Waterproof mobile coversRs 100
Boating in LakeRs 150 per person
Table of list of entry fees and other charges

Activities to do in Kempty Falls

People enjoying their picnic in Kempty falls as shops are serving hot food
A view of the Kempty Waterfalls

1. Picnic at the Falls

As you already known that this place became popular after being a spot for the officers who used to camp and have tea here, it is no doubt that this falls is the perfect location for having a picnic with your friends and family members, so make sure to pack some good treats and soft drinks to enjoy your picnic with a scenic view. You also have near by small stalls which provide snacks as well incase you forgot to pack your treats.

2. Boating in the Man-Made Pond

There are multiple types of boat which are available here, such as row boats and paddle boats that allow to gentle boat around the man-made pond that gives you solace in its ambient environment.

3. Fishing for Fresh Fish

This is probably one of our favorite activity to do there, make sure to bring your fishing accessories to the falls, so that you may have the chance of catching a fish. In case, you forget don’t worry as some shops at the falls provide the fishing gear on a rent basis. You can spot a few fishes here such as the river trout, carp and catfish.

4. Take the Best Photo

It doesn’t matter if you a regular photographer or a professional , or if you just plain on capturing the special moments while at the Kempty Falls. The falls offers every visitor a unique experience and tons of opportunity to click magnificent pictures that would rock your social media account. The natural lightening and certain dark hues of the falls make it a perfect location for capturing a picture-perfect frame.

5. Swimming and Bathing

You cannot forget that the main reason for going to this majestic falls is to rejuvenate yourself. With temperatures that are going past their limits from the previous years, Kempty Falls offers visitors and tourists a chance to dip in its cooling waters. The cool water provide you with the much needed relief and rejuvenation , making it the perfect location during the high summer.

6. Shopping at the Falls

Kempty Falls is filled with shop smalls that have many local artifacts that your can purchase as a souvenir for yourself or your loved ones, some of the most bought souvenirs are the fragrant hand made candles and a grain of rice with your name in the pendant. Don’t forget to have a look and see what allures you the most.

7. Local Delicacies

Do not forget to savor the local delicious snacks and treats that are available near the falls. From piping hot maggi noodle to freshly cut fruits with pinch of chaat masala, there’s variety of flavors to savor while taking in the breathtaking surroundings.

How to Reach

BUs going to Kempty falls
Mussoorie Bus Stand going to Kempty Falls

By Bus

One of the most convenient and affordable way to reach the falls is by taking a local bus from Mussoorie which goes to the Kempty waterfalls, The bus ride usually costs about Rs 50 – Rs 60 and can take about 30 minutes to reach your destination. which is approximately 13 kilometers from Mussoorie.

By Car

A great method to reach the Kempty waterfall is by taking your own car but incase you don’t have a car, you rent a car from Zoomcar or hire a taxi from a local agency which would charge you anywhere from Rs 500 to Rs 550 for a round trip.

Travel Tips

  1. Remember to carry extra clothing and swimming costume to avoid paying any extra money at the Falls.
  2. If you forget your clothing, try to rent out your clothing from the shops that are near to the fall as the ones that are far from the falls will try to charge you a hefty price for almost most of the commodity.
  3. Carry a water proof mobile case just incase you plan to click pictures one you are inside the pool at the base of the falls.
  4. To avoid major crowd at the falls try to arrive there before 9:00 AM so that you may enjoy it in a better manner.
  5. Avoid rock climbing during heavy monsoon season as the rocks surface can get very slippery

If you are a nature lover and a photograph enthusiasts who prefers stunning destinations created by the blessings of the nature, consider traveling to Kempty Falls , one of the best and most popular waterfalls in the India and Uttarakhand.


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