MG Road Nightlife and entertainment spots

MG Road Nightlife and Entertainment Spots in Bangalore

Have you heard of MG Road? If not, don’t worry I am here to help you out in telling you all about one of the best spots for nightlife and entertainment within Bangalore city. In this travel blog, I will take you on a journey on “MG Road Nightlife and Entertainment Spots” you can head to during your travel in this unique city.

I will share as much as possible I can about this iconic street and I definitely cannot wait any longer to share some of my experiences with you about this vibrant stretch located in Bangalore.

MG road and its Historical Significance

Old South Parade Road before becoming MG Road

MG Road, a shorter term for Mahatma Gandhi Road, is the heart and soul of Bangalore which prefers to not sleep. This road runs thought the center of the city which connects both the western and the eastern part of the town. Many of the new generation folks who reside in Bangalore might not know this but MG Road used to be known as South Parade during the British rule in India, why South Parade Road, because back then this long road was located towards the south of the British Military Parade grounds. Time went by really fast, didn’t it?

While walking through the long stretch of the MG Road, one main thing you can notice is that you can clearly notice a mixture of the older version of the MG road with the new modern architectures that give it a unique vibe.

Transformation of MG Road into an Entertainment Hub

MG Road during the night time

Heard the song by The Wanted – “Glad You Came” – , well if not, its main part chorus part “the sun goes down the stars come out” . Well, this is exactly what happens in MG Road when the sun sets and it transforms itself into a mesmerizing and impeccable entertainment hub filled with music, laughter, smile, and bright lights. It might be overwhelming for you if you are not used to a huge crowds but I can guarantee, it just gets when as more time passes by there.

Significance as an entertainment Hub and Nightlife

The best part about MG Road is that it there is something for every individual to do here at MG Road, yup you will astonished! Lets say you are book worm and you just love reading it, so head to Blossom Book House, located at church street that sells both new and used books. You never know you might end up finding a rare book for yourself.

Don’t get me started on the food because you don’t just get good food but also diverse type of food from different cuisines. It is a possible chance that you won’t be able to try all of them, which is a different kind of food adventure in itself within the MG Road stretch. As student studying in Bangalore, I remember having my first chicken kebab at the Empire Restaurant hotel in MG road since then I became its everlasting hungry fan. You can find plenty of stalls even opening up during as the sun slowly goes down after which these amazing street stalls and their chefs bring their delicious creation to life.

If you are an introvert, you can head to some of the most trending cafes and lounges to relax yourself. There are plenty of them cafes to head to but one of the most recommended because of its cozy and warm ambience is Dyu Art Cafe.

But what makes MG Road so prominent, is its nightlife! As your day at work ends, this street in Bangalore city comes to life, from youngsters to adults in their 30s and 40s get ready to party hard. You will definitely be shocked when you see the amount of diversity in the crowd, as it is not just your typical group of young crowd. Without a doubt, I can say that this street a place to experience not just nightlife, but also the culture and diversity it has to offer which cannot be seen at many places in Bangalore. Me and my friends have had many memorable nights here, and I can be pretty sure you will too!

Let us begin with some of the best bar and pub spots on MG Road, the street is filled with plethora of them but the question is which one to go to which one to not, initially I thought I should list down maybe 7 or 8 of them but it would just make your decision more hard so we decided going for two popular bars on MG Road.

The Bar Stock Exchange

The interior of Bar stock exchange with drinks price display

I know what you are thinking and yes, stock market is the theme of this trendy pub located in Ashok Nagar in MG Road. Once you enter this place, you will feel as you have entered the busiest and the most happening call floor for stocks but instead of stock, people here are waiting for ups and downs of the drinks they are ordering. The walls of this pub are covered with abundant of TVs which all display the prices of the alcohol beverage that get fluctuated just like how stocks would within a stock exchange center.

The place has this simple yet futuristic addition to its interiors that seemingly has this large amount of energetic and exciting vibes. The Bar Stock Exchange has a huge space for seating which allows many guests to come and pack this place. The seating arrangements are diverse which are dived into booths, long tables and small high tables for compact groups. The best place to have a sit at this pub is near the windows has you get to see the beautiful MG Road especially during the monsoon season.

It is a fun place to hang out with your friends if you love the concept of placing orders on drinks which closely resemble to stocks in a real stock market. If you have close eye on the prices of the drinks maybe you might be also able to enjoy the night on a budget.


Interior of Communiti in MG Road

One of the best place for hanging out with your friends while having good food , Communiti has this unique bright, rustic look which somehow matches the modernity of today. The place has ample of seating with a chic vibe to it. It is known for serving its craft beers which a quench your thirst for something cold along with affordable and tasty food. One of the best things I love about this place is that they don’t provide you with a physical menu rather ask you to scan the QR code to check the menu online. Definitely speaks of a lot of Gen Z customers at this pub on a regular basis.

I remember my first visit – I was blown away by the sheer size of the place. It’s spread across two floors, with plenty of seating options. There’s a mix of high tables, cozy booths, and even a few swings (yes, actual swings!) near the bar. My personal favorite spot is by the large windows on the second floor. It’s perfect for people-watching while enjoying a cold brew.

The walls are adorned with quirky artwork and neon signs, adding splashes of color to the otherwise industrial decor. One sign that always makes me chuckle reads “Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder” – clever, right?

Isn’t it fun when there is live music at the place where you are dining, the music surely adds a bit more to the charm and beauty of the venue, here are 2 popular places for live music.

RCB Bar & Cafe

RCB Cafe and Bar with dim light

RCB Bar & Cafe could be definitely the spot for those of you who are not just sports lovers but also a big fan of the the cricket team – Royal Challengers Bangalore. This cafe offers variety of different music on various different nights and occasions, at one night it could be blues and on another night it could be jazz or maybe even some Bollywood nights thrown in for good measure.

The cafe is amazing not just for live music but also sports enthusiast who love watching cricket, with India become a country with many cricket followers, its bet to receive a high footfall on any given day. The best part is, this cafe gives chances to local talents to showcase themselves on a platform where they are not just enabling self-promotion but also recognition to a wider array of audience. You can possibly discover a new favorite local bands on the way while attending this humble and amusing cafe.

So, have i gotten you excited and you want to book tickets for their next live music show, don’t worry I’ve got you covered. All you need to do is go to their official website royal challengers. There you can find a page for booking your tickets or else you can also give them a quick call to reserve your tables, their number can be found in google business.

So whether you’re into blues, jazz, rock, and anything around it, this place has got something for everyone. You can be sure to have an amazing time at this place while enjoying the soothing live music.

Flo Church Street

Flo church street in MG Road

Flo Church Street is another fantastic spot for weekend enthusiasts and those who wish to enjoy live music and also maybe showoff their cool moves. The dance floor here is absolutely mind-blowing, perfect for those who love to groove to great music. Additionally, the hotel boasts a captivating selfie zone outside, adding to its charm.

If you are on church street on MG Road, then this is the place to be at, but it’s not all just live music that attracts the guests into its establishment. It is well known for it tasty and flavorful Asian dishes varying from sushi to butter garlic prawn. If you are at this restaurant, the staff are very friendly especially Mr. Nimoi who will make sure to provide you the right suggestion of food while being attentive to all your requests.

If you are on MG road and love live music as well as Asian food then maybe this spot is the one for you, it regularly has live singing so do not worry about missing out any of the good stuff at this place.

Entertainment centers in MG Road

Samsung Opera House

People standing and looking at phones and vr zone in Samsung Opera House

Samsung Opera House is not just another place for you to purchase your Samsung flagship phones, but this grand structure is something else. At a first glance, you might think this is an art gallery but yes an actual opera house used exist on the location where Samsung has established itself today. The Samsung Opera House before used to be an actual opera house known as New Opera dating back to the colonial era.

Although the owner Rama Krishnan who has leased it out to Samsung for transforming it into a modern and high tech opera house has seemingly been able to grasp huge attention from many locals and travelers from near and far, that showcases its usage of high tech and impeccable architecture. There is so much to do within this opera house, such as entering the VR zone where you can maybe take up the roll of a scuba diver under water or go on the fastest roller coaster possible.

The opera house is also equipped with a 4D cinema, and trust me its not at all about watching a movie rather its about its experience which can be felt through out the show. You can feel the wind in your hair, the rumble of the explosions, and even the scents of the particular scene in the movie, with all of this happening, it is sure to leave you mindblown.

Ulsoor Lake

Ulsoor Lake during sunset

Now, I know what you’re thinking – “Wait, isn’t this supposed to be about MG Road?” Well, here’s the thing: Ulsoor Lake is just a stone’s throw away from the bustling MG Road, making it the perfect urban oasis.

I remember the first time I stumbled upon this hidden gem. I was wandering around MG Road, feeling a bit overwhelmed by the constant honking and crowd, when a friend suggested we take a quick detour to Ulsoor Lake. Man, am I glad I listened!

As we approached the lake, the first thing that hit me was how the noise of the city seemed to fade away. It was like stepping into a different world. The sight of the sparkling water stretching out before me, with lush green trees lining the banks, was like a breath of fresh air.

Now, let me paint you a picture of my typical Sunday morning at Ulsoor Lake. I usually get there early, just as the sun is rising. Trust me, it’s worth the early wake-up call! The way the golden light reflects off the water is simply magical. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve just stood there, coffee in hand, soaking in the view.

One of my favorite things to do is take a leisurely stroll around the lake. There’s a well-maintained walking path that circles the entire water body. It’s about 3.5 kilometers long, perfect for a good morning walk or jog. I’ve had some of my best ideas during these walks – there’s something about the peaceful surroundings that really gets the creative juices flowing!

Tips and Considerations in MG Road

Safe Night Out

Bangalore is a safe place compared to many other places in India, you might wondering how? Well, Bangalore get tons of tourists out of which many who go for a sight seeing and other travels, other prefer enjoying the night life MG Road has to offer. There have been almost nil cases on anything bad happening but always make sure that you don’t trust any person randomly at any establishment.

Make sure that you let know your close ones know of where you are heading , while keeping a quick dial on your cell phone incase of any emergency. Always ask help from the official authorities if you get stuck or need any help with anything.

Transport Recommendation

Some of the most accessible transportation is traveling by metro and auto rickshaw which is not just easily accessible but also cheap in terms of pricing. If you are planning to go on club hopping or planning to something more extra within MG road, its best to hire a private car with a driver which makes it easier for all your travel. Although, you can hire a taxi from Ola or Uber, it can be possible that you won’t be able to book any cab if you’re at certain hours, because well everyone would be trying to get out of MG Road at that time. So make sure to have a backup regarding your transportation.

Happy Hour Specials

Always check if the pub, or disco your headed to has an happy hour offer this not just helps you get the perks of that establishment but also help you save money to great extent with some offers such as 1+1, or unlimited drinks for a fixed price set on time limit, and more.

The happy hour does not just apply to drinks and can also be availed for food at some restaurant snacks and pubs, therefore it is good to always keep a check and update yourself on the places your heading to.

Grab Offers and Deals

Another best way to save money and get the most out of the restaurant or pub your heading to is by checking on offers and deals which are available at Zomato and Swiggy. These online platforms offer huge discounts on food and drinks which be availed at certain time and set an purchase amount. You never know when you can strike gold with an amazing deal from these platforms.


MG Road known for its mixture of colonial era buildings and modern architecture has gained immense popularity over the years being the hub for nightlife and entertainment centers. The Mg Road nightlife and Entertainment spots are sure to leave you in awe with its diversity and culture which will a memorable journey in your travel books. With multiple options such as pubs, restaurants, live music and so much more, this place has become the top rated place within Bangalore which is a must-visit. So if you are planning for a fun night then consider going putting MG Road on the top of your list.


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