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Satrem Waterfall: Trek, Distance, How to reach and More

Goa once known as a Portuguese Hub, is today one of the biggest attraction for tourists from all around the World especially Russians and Europeans. With its busting and vibrant nightlife, adventurous sports activities and impeccable beaches, it also offers those rare hidden gems and treks.

One such hidden gem is the Satrem Waterfall located in Goa surrounded by lush green vegetation, we will discuss on the trek, its difficulty, the distance it will cover and how to reach this majestic waterfall so that you can rejuvenate yourself during this hot summer.

About Satrem Waterfall

Trek towards the Satrem Waterfall
Satrem Waterfalll

Satrem Waterfall is located near Nagar gaon that is deep within the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary in Valpoi which spans over an area of 208 kilometer square. The height of the waterfall is about 164 feet ( approximately 50 meters) which is often a mesmerizing glimpse when you get there to see it in reality. The Satrem Waterfall is a hidden gem of this wildlife sanctuary which is also home to exquisite amount of flora and fauna. The total distance of the trek to the waterfall is about 8 kilometers with steep slopes on the way which can take individuals about 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours.

The Waterfall is surrounded by the beautiful purple colored Matthiola sinuata and tons of ferns adding to the greenery around the waterfall. The trail to the Satrem Waterfall is also home to tons of variety of Fauna such as Sambar Deer, Asian palm civet, Black Panther, Sloth bear, Leopard, Tiger, and Barking Deer. Overtime this place has become popular among the people for a spot for rejuvenation and picnic.

If you are an adventure enthusiast along with being a nature lover then the fresh air and the clear water of Satrem Waterfall is sure to make you fall in love with it.

Charges at the Waterfall

To go to the waterfall the individuals must pass through the Mhadei Wildlife sanctuary which has to be reached by road.

Charge TypePrice
Entry ticket to Mhadei Wildlife sanctuaryRs 100
Car ParkingRs 100
Bike Parking Rs 50
Still CameraRs 50
Table of Charges

Note: It is important to remember that the waterfall is not an easy trail which might require you to take a guide with you due to its narrow pathways which lead to the Satrem Waterfall and also can be confusing at times.

Things to carry during the Trek

Travel essentials to take during the trek to Satrem Waterfall
Travel essentials for trek

There would be certain checklist of things that would be necessary for you to carry during this trek as it can be slightly difficult.

  1. Swiss Knife would be a helpful tool to carry while trekking is it always helps in cutting throuch branches and bushes that come in the way during the trek.
  2. Salt is also recommended if you don’t want to carry a Swiss knife as is also helps in removing these leeches from you body immediately as you sprinkle it over them .
  3. Water bottle so that you can hydrate yourself while the gruesome trek.
  4. Carry snacks with you as there are no other shops once you enter the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary as it is covered only by dense forest and tall trees.
  5. Carry a First Aid Kit just incase of any minor injuries.

How to Reach the Satrem Waterfall

Reach Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary

Mhadei wildlife sancturary to Satorem Village

Before the initial Trek to the waterfall begins, One must reach the Mhadei wildlife sanctuary through the transportation means of either car of bike. You can reach here by taking the MDR22 or SH1 routes by private cab or rental vehicle from Panaji. You can also take a train from Panaji to Margao and from their you can hire a taxi to drop you off at the Mhadei Wildlife sanctuary. From there the roads are well connected towards the Satorem village which is comparatively easy trek during which you will be able to adore the beautiful dense forest and if you have a chance then you might also be able to spot some unique animals.

Satorem Village Trailhead

Route to Satrem Waterfall
Route from Satorem Village to Satrem Waterfall

The trek starts from the Satorem Village which is located between Mahadayi River and Satorem Waterfall. This village is also known to have a strawberry farm and probably is the last village to find any kind of snacks or to access toilet in its community toilet Sattari. Once you pass through the Satorem Waterfall and the village you will soon begin your journey to the waterfall with narrow path ways which are going to be downward slopes until half of the way until you finally reach the most gruesome part of the trek due to the high elevation and steep steps.

Once you reach the waterfall, you will be glad that you did this trek to reach this hidden gem in Goa. It will surely leave you breathless while the waterfall cascades downwards in a melodic manner.

Note: Please recheck with the local authorities or the forest department regarding the trek to Satrem Waterfall as it can be sometimes closed due to landslides.

Tips to Remember

  1. Do not take any children with you on this trek as the trek can often be risky, slippery and grusome to elevation at certain points in the pathway leading to the waterfall
  2. Remember to wear a lightweight full track suit and high boots that would allow you trek easily and avoid getting leeches on your body.
  3. Travel during September to January as the weather is very cool and pleasant and you can also avoid the landslides which often cause the waterfall to remain closed.
  4. Try to get a guide if you don’t trust yourself with a map, if possible try going in a group as it is more fun and helps in easy navigation.
  5. You can often request for a guide or a kid from the Satorem village who know the route to the waterfall thoroughly.
  6. Make sure to bring all your water with you while returning from the waterfall to keep the waterfall clean
  7. Going in the winters is a better option as you can not just avoid landslide but also leeches.


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