a group of unique and exotic fishes swimming inside the Varkala Aquarium in Kerala

Varkala Aquarium: Timings, Entry Fee and More

Varkala being a costal beach there is a small hidden gem known as the Varkala Aquarium that some visitors often end up missing. It is the Varkala Aquarium which hosts some very unique and exotic aquatic creatures, enhancing your overall traveling experience. Varkala is known for its astonishing beaches, which is often compared to Goa, the amazing atmosphere of Varkala is what people got there for, people can be seen walking around the white sands of Varkala and some just enjoying a moment of peace along with the soft sea breeze that is pushing against their face.

In this travel blog we will discuss about Varkala Aquarium, its timings, entry fees and how to reach this location which is often ignored by many visitors who arrive at this costal beach.

History of Varkala Aquarium

Interior of the Varkala Aquarium where the fishes are kept
Interior of the Aquarium

Varkala Aquarium was built by the state government of Kerala on March 2, 2016 which was inaugrated by Minister M Babu along side the Kahar MLA and is maintained by the Kerala Fisheries Department which is located around 4 kilometer from Varkala Railway junction. The Aquarium was made keeping in mind of eco-friendliness with the aid of CostFord that costed approximately Rs 4 crore.

The four-storey Varkala Aquarium is located is located near the Prawn Hatchery (Odayam Hatchery) at Thiruvambady Beach in Varkala. The Varkala Aquarium hosts about more than 700 species of fish and other marine animals making it the largest fish aquarium in the State of Kerala. At the entrance of the aquarium you can see the magnificent jellyfish which incites your curiosity to see more of the unique marine creatures within the Varkala Aquarium.

The aquarium also host some unique and exotic fishes that is worth the visit such as Giant Gourmi, Alligator Gar, Redtail Catfish, Angelfish, Scorpion Fish, local Karimeen, Red-Bellied Piranha and Blood Red Parrot Cichlids. All these marine creatures are presented to the public inside the aquarium’s spiral walkway. It is also possible to view the majestic Varkala Cliff and the beautiful Arabian Sea from the aquarium complex.

The aquarium also features a 3D theatre that showcases a short half an hour clip which gives you tremendous amount of knowledge about the aquatic fauna, which is also a fun activity if you have children with you on your trip. If you love marine creature and want something unique to do in Varkala, consider going to this aquarium.

Timings of Varkala Aquarium

Days of the WeekTime
Sunday10:00 AM to 6:30 PM
Monday10:00 AM to 6:30 PM
Tuesday 10:00 AM to 6:30 PM
Wednesday10:00 AM to 6:30 PM
Thursday10:00 AM to 6:30 PM
Friday10:00 AM to 6:30 PM
Saturday10:00 AM to 6:30 PM
table of the timings

Entry Fees

Ticket TypeTicket Price
Children ( Children below 12 years)Rs 15
AdultRs 30
Usage of Mobile cameraRs 10
List of ticket price

List of Unique Marine Species in the Aquarium

Scorpion fish in Aquarium
A scorpion Fish
S.NoName of Species
1.Milky Carp
3.Malawian cichlids
5.Nile Tilapia
6.Red-Bellied Piranha
7.Koi Carp
8.Giant River Prawn
9.Tinfoil Barp
10. Alligator Gar
11.Redtail Catfish
12.Angel Fish
13.Scorpion Fish
14.Shubunkin Gold Fish
15.Blood Red Parrot cichlids
16.Tiger catfish
17.Leaf Turtle
18.Stinging Catfish
19.Freshwater Eel
20.Catfish ( Order Siluriformes)
21.Giant Gourmi
23.Moray Eels
Table of list of Unique Marine Animals

How to Reach

The Varkala Aquarium is well-connected with the main road and is very close to the Varkala Railway Junction, you can always take an auto rickshaw from the train station to the aquarium for which they usually charge around Rs 80 to Rs 110 depending on the time of the day. It is also close to the North Cliff as well as North Varkala Beach Resort.

Places to eat Nearby

A restaurant signage board with the name Clafouti on a wooden board
Nearby eatery Clafouti

Since the Aquarium is very close to the North Cliff you will get a lot of amazing food joints to eat at, some of them include Trattorias, Clafouti, and Caffe Italiano.


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