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5 Least crowded North Goa Beaches to Enjoy in Summer

North Goa Beaches are some of the best beaches located in Goa with stunning and picturesque beaches offer tons of activities and sight seeing. Goa as a region is well-known through the country for its psychedelic parties, boats, sports activities and of course the bustling beach culture.

In this travel blog, we present to you the 5 least crowded North Goa beaches , where you can unwind and soak in the amazing beauty of nature without being disturbed by any people.

1. Baga Beach

Baga Beach during the intense summer
Baga Beach

Baga Beach is one of the most popular beaches located in North Goa that is especially known for its vibrant night life, water sports and picturesque beauty. Further more, The history of the Baga Beach dates back to the Portuguese Era during which it was only a tiny fishing village. The village was name dafter the Baga Creek, which flows outwards into the Arabian Sea. During the 1960’s the hippie culture to begin trending within Goa and Baga beach that transformed into one of the most popular destinations for backpackers and travelers seeking a very relaxed and laid-back lifestyle.

Baga Beach is also known to be famous for its famous Tito’s lane that has one of the most amazing bars and clubs .Over time this beach has become one of the most favorite attractions for nature enthusiats, but luckily it stay one of the least crowded beach, quieter and much more developed as compared to Calangute beach. This North Goa beach is located about 16 kilometers from Panaji meanwhile it is about 2 kilometers away from Calangute Beach.

2. Morjim Beach

Morjim Beach in North Goa with shacks located on the beach
Morjim Beach

Morjim beach is another charming beach that is less crowded by flocks of visitors. Morjim Beach is named after goddess Morzai. There are various name attached to the Morjim beach while some say that the Goddess came riding a peacock which is why the name Mhor-Jim. Other Legend says that Morjim was under the sea age. One of the most unique thing about the Morjim Beach is that you can see a lot of Russians who have settled there over a period of time, making it their home. Due to this, Morjim is often referred to “Little Russia”.

Morjim Beach also sees a lot of influx of Russian tourists and expatriates, on a very interesting note this beach is also very unique not just regarding the fact that it is visited by tourists but the fact that this peach in particular a haven for the endangered Olive Ridley Sea turtles. This beach is often the best to be visited during evening as the elegance of the beach is increased 10 folds when the last rays of the sun touch its golden sand creating a spectacular sight.

3. Sinquerim Beach

A view of Sinquerim beach with two people and boat in the backdrop
Sinquerim Beach

Sinquerim Beach is a hidden gem of Goa, which is situated right between Candolim Beach and Fort Aguada and is definitely one of the least crowded North Goa Beaches . Although being one of the beaches with least amount of crowd it surely is a crowd charmer as it offers plethora of activities such as crocodile spotting, dolphin tours and paragliding. The tourism of the Sinquerim beach started to flourish in the early 20th century. The beach is very closely located to one of the most historical monuments known as Fort Aguada.

The Fort Aguada was built in 1612 to help guard the coast lines against the dutch, a spring was located inside the fort which used to to be key provider of water supply to other vessels which lead to the name Fort Aguada. If you prefer peace and solace while enjoying a good spot to enjoy a rare snorkeling trip, then this beach is definitely for you.

4. Mandrem Beach

A view of Mandrem beach from the sky
Mandrem Beach

Mandrem is one of the most ideal beaches to visit in North Goa during the Monsoon season, The Mandrem Beach is located about 25 kilometers from Panjim and about 2 kilometers away from Arambol beach. The beach is famous and well-known for it beauty and being one of the cleanest beach, yet remains one of the unique beaches that is rarely touched by large group of crowds as compared to other beaches in Goa.

The soft and gentle waves of the Mandream shore line, its golden sand and crystal clear water offer am ideal spot for swimming and sun bathing. This beach is also quite famous for its water sports such as jet skiing and speed boat rides. Adding to the scenery of the beach is its tropical flora and fauna with cocounut grooves to unique migratory birds such as Brahminy Kite and Wire-tailed Swallow.

One of the reasons why Mandrem Beach remains less crowded is its location. The beach is situated away from the main road, and there are no commercial establishments or tourist attractions in the vicinity. This makes it a perfect getaway for those seeking a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

5. Ashwem Beach

Ashwem Beach in North Goa

The last one in our list of least crowded North Goa Beaches , the Ashwem beach is right between Mandream and Morjim Beach, Ashvem is very well-known for it begin a least crowded beach with the facility of being one of the best spot for picnics with your close and loved ones. One of the main reasons for this beach to be a unique is due to its pristine white sand and crystal-clear turquoise waters. The beach is lined with swaying palm trees and lush greenery, creating a soothing and peaceful ambiance. Its natural beauty and tranquility attract visitors in search of a more secluded and relaxed beach experience.

One of the reasons why Ashwem Beach remains less crowded is its location, slightly away from the main tourist hubs. Unlike some of the more bustling beaches in Goa, Ashwem retains a sense of tranquility and offers a quieter environment for those seeking solace and rejuvenation. The history of the Ashwem Beach can be traced back to the hippie movement which was quite popular during 1960s to 1970s.

Ashwem Beach is also home to the rare Olive Ridley turtles, in a rare instance the visitors in Goa got a unique chance to see Olive Ridley Turtles lay over 1000 eggs during February in 2023, which is also due it being a zone with lower foot fall of tourists as compared to other beaches located in the Northern Goa.


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