7 overlooked reasons for you to visit Kerala

7 Overlooked Reasons for you to visit Kerala

Kerala which is often referred to as “God’s own Country” might not be only just known for the backwaters. Kerala is an Indian state that is rich in heritage, culture and follows traditions while maintaining harmony with various communities and to get a chance to travel to Kerala is not often easy to get with a busy life schedule for almost every person who is working in a 9 to 5 job.

In this travel blog, we will tell you these 7 overlooked reasons for you to visit Kerala and then you can decide for yourself whether you are up for it or not. Sounds good? So let’s jump in straight away to it.

1. Ayurvedic Treatment

An ayurvedic practitioner taking care of his patient
Ayurvedic Treatment in Kerala

Kerala has deep roots in Ayurveda since the ancient times, the Ayurveda culture originated about 3000 years ago. Saints and Ayurveda practitioners used the ancient treatment methods that dated back to thousands of years which could fix any disease or injuries in a jiffy. It is very much believable as well since the state is quite rich in fragrant spices, therapeutic herbs and unspoiled natural scenery that creates the perfect environment for Ayurveda to take place.

One of the most famous places in Kerala is the Arya Vaidya Sala which was established in 1902, making its first step in providing authentic ayurveda treatment that involved herbal medicines, personalized diet plans and detoxifying procedures which would help in eliminating the root cause of the disease and ensure a more healthy and immune body.

2. Gorgeous Artisanal Handicrafts

An old man creating a traditional mural paintings on Hindu deity
A man creating mural paintings

Kerala being rich in culture has carried forward its art since ancient times which include various art forms in creating beautiful handicrafts. The skill artisans create some of the famous Kerala handicrafts that give the items a run for their money. One of the most famous among all of them is the mural painting. The Mural paintings eventually began as early as 9th century CE which used more natural colors, mean colors made from vegetable and mineral pigments as compared to todays chemical colors.

Some of the other beautiful artisanal handicrafts included items that were mostly made for the households such as Coconut shell handicrafts that include toys, bowls and teapots. The Coir handicrafts, also known as the coconut fiber used to make mattresses and floor mats for homes. Other handicrafts include screw pine weaving, Kathakali Masks and wooden handicrafts.

3. Unforgettable Tasty Delights

A Malayalam girl enjoying her food on a banana leaf
Enjoying Local Kerala cuisine in Banana leaf

When it comes to food Kerala is very diverse and we start discussing about it now , it would probably never because of the plethora of unique culinary dishes Kerala has to offer. Kerala’s cuisine is a combination of various influences which come from Malabar, Arabic, and Travancore which has given birth to salivating dishes that we desire more and more with each bite.

Kerala cuisine often uses ingredients such as seafood, meat and coconut along with variety of spices such as clove and black pepper. One of the most celebrated culinary treat is the vegetarian feast during the festival of Onam in which about 28 different types of dishes are served over a banana leaf. Kerala will surely leave you asking for more and more of those tasty dishes.

4. Preserved Art and Culture

A Kathakali dancer being applauded for his performance by the crowd
Dance art form Kathakali

Not going to lie but we love Kerala for its art and culture and sure you must ask why and what is so interesting? Well, the thing is Kerala has plethora of preserved art and culture which has shaped its society in a blissful manner. If take a look at history, Kerala’s famous art form Kathakali is about 800 years old which interprets ancient epic tales through intrusive makeup, expressive movements and colorful costumes while combining the art of dance, music and story telling.

Some of the other popular art forms include Kerala Natanam, Koothu and Thirayattam. Well, it doesn;t stop here as there are also folk and tribal art such as Padayani, Thullal, Theyyam and our favorite Kummattikali which is performed during the festival of Onam, which is a colorful mask-dance of South Malabar.

5. Adventurous and Thrilling Activities

A man going on an adventure in the forest of Kerala
Trekking in Kerala

Kerala might be a place with diverse culture and heritage but that doesn’t mean adventure is not a part of it. While it may not be the first place that comes to mind for adventure seekers, there are indeed exciting adventurous activities you can enjoy in this picturesque state. One of the adventure we like of Kerala is the Edakkal Caves, these ancient caves provide a great detail about the evolution of humanity it self within the state of Kerala but adding to it is the trek to reach the cave.

Another amazing trek that is long and full of adventure is the Deer Path Trail which is a 16 kilometer hike in Parambikulam Tiger Reserve that offers sightings of variety of birds and mammals. This is one of those hikes that will definitely allow you to feel the wild side of you.

6. Majestic Architecture

Beautiful wall carvings in the wall of the padmanabaswamy temple
Architecture of a temple in Kerala

By now you must have understood that, probably these reasons were right in front of you but maybe you are still not fulfilled with them. Another one of the overlooked reasons for you to visit Kerala is its amazing architecture. Kerala has plenty of temples, palaces and historical buildings that showcase majestic architecture and unique skills. The houses as well are made in such a way to adjust with the climatic conditions of Kerala which is known as nalukettu.

Kerala’s temple always come on the top list when it comes down to Hindu temple in Kerala are distinctive with unique features in its architecture such as intricate roof structure, wooden carvings and exquisite courtyards. A few of the examples are the famous Guruvayur temple and Padmanabhaswamy temple in Thiruvananthapuram.

7. Cooling Monsoon

A view of Kerala landscape during monsoon season
Monsoon season in Kerala

Finally the last reason and one of the most overlooked reasons for you to visit Kerala is its cooling monsoon. One of the best thing overall and the reason to visit Kerala is its refreshing and rejuvenating monsoon. Kerala’s climate is unlike other places experiences two monsoons which usually takes effect in the early May or June.

The refreshing southwesterly winds blow across the state giving that fresh feeling and the monsoon soon transforms the draped green grassy lands of Kerala into a verdant hills, mist-covered valleys, and glistening backwaters. Further more, the monsoon uses its showers to paint the tea plantations and coconut grooves with its crystal clear droplets.

Although there are more reasons to visit Kerala, but we believe this are some of the most unique and distinguished reasons to probably think of finally taking that week off from work and head to the beautiful Kerala to relax and enjoy its tranquil beauty and adventures awaiting you.


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