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Top 7 Pure Veg Restaurants Near me In Wayanad Kerala

Wayanad is a famous destinations for adventurous travelers and hungry ones too. It is a place for those who wish to enjoy the beautiful sights of the Wayanad landscape with include breathtaking waterfalls, thrilling hikes, bird-watching unique variety of birds and exploring the different and rare types of flora and fauna and most definitely its amazing food. Wayanad is not just a destination for adrenaline junky traveling but it also fulfills the appetite of unsatiable hunger for vegetarian meals.

Wayanad has some of the most loved pure veg restaurants in Wayanad that will surely fulfill your hunger and love for delicious vegetarian dishes that compliment your traveling experience in Wayanad, Kerala.

1. Udupi Pure Vegetarian Restaurant

The Udupi Pure Vegetarian restaurant in Wayanad will most definitely be satisfactory for those who are lovers of vegetarian meals. This restaurant is a typical Karnataka Udupi style vegetarian restaurant serving some of the most classical dishes from the Udupi area such as Ghee Roast and Vada. They also serve special Udupi thali meals over the banana leaf making it a worthy restaurant to eat in during your trip to Wayanad. The food at this restaurant is very much affordable with price ranging from Rs 50 to Rs 200.

Location: The restaurant is located right opposite of the Kalpetta Bus stand which can be easily found.

2. Uri Vanita Mess

Uri Vanita Mess

Another one of small Pure veg restaurants is the Uri Vanita Mess, which serve vegetarian meals on banana leaf which cost only Rs 60 which include rice, papad, pickle, sabji, Sambar, Payar Thoran Kootu curry, Rasam, modu Curry and Papadam. You will also notice that the staff is very humble here and starts off their breakfast timing as early as 6:45 A.M in the morning. If you are fine with a rich and humble vegetarian meal in a small restaurant on the road side then this is the restaurant to visit in Wayanad, Kerala.

Location: The restaurant can be found on the route to Wayanad right next to Vazhiyoram Hotel on Kalpetta – Mananthavadi Road.

3. Krishna Bhavan Pure Vegetarian Restaurant

Krishna Bhavan Pure Vegetarian Restaurant interior

If your plan is to head to the most authentic South Indian restaurant for the best experience then Krishna Bhavan Pure Vegetarian Restaurant is for you. The restaurant services multiple south Indian dishes as well as other variety dishes such as Momos, Tandoori Pizza, paneer Butter Masala and more. The owner of this restaurant is very down to earth and will always keep in mind of your your tastebuds. Their must try is their special passion fruit juice, a must during the hot summer. This restaurant is for you if you want good vegetarian food and good hospitality as well.

Location: It is located near Cafeyano Cafe on the Kalpetta Bypass Road.

4. Wilton Hotel and Restaurant

The Wilton Hotel and Restaurant is slightly bit more on the luxurious side we would say but it is one of those restaurant that maintain good hygiene along with tasty dishes. The restaurant uses quality ingredients and oil to make its dishes and is probably the best restaurant in Wayanad. It is simply a perfect place for those who are planning to visit a dining destination with an extraordinary culinary experience. It tops its self in hospitality and service as it also provide small cutlery and cute plates for children of young age.

Location: The Wilton Hotel and Restaurant is Located near to Domino’s Pizza Wayanad, right opposite to ABU’s cafe.

5. Plan B Vadakkini

Plan B restaurant in Wayanad, Kerala

The Plan B restaurant is for those who prefer variety of Cuisine in their food. This restaurant serves dishes which are based on Chinese, Arabic and Kerala. It is probably one of the best places to eat food where you can also find kind and humble staff who serve you with impeccable hospitality. In the entrance of their restaurant the have a signage which says ” It is God who feeds you and me, Neither you nor your family should starve for lack of money. If you don’t have money to eat, tell the cashier and go eat.” This place is great for folks who love a family friendly ambiance and Kerala style dishes with variety.

Location: Plan B Restaurant in located right opposite of Malabar Petroleum- Bharat Petrol Pump in Wayanad, Kerala.

6. 1980’s A Nostalgic Restaurant

1980’s A Nostalgic Restaurant

One of the most popular restaurant in Wayanad which can often be seen crowded with local residents and travelers from different states. The restaurant has a very rustic look due to its wooden decoration most of which reflect to the restaurant’s name, The staff here is very friendly and you can find plethora of variety of dishes that can satisfy your hunger during your travel in Kerala.

One of the best options to try here is the Sadhya Kerala Veg Meal which is known to be one heck of a tasty meal, while it does offer plenty more options of vegetarian dishes such as paneer 65 and puthu. If you love 80s retro music and ambiance then this is the place to eat your meal.

Location: I1980’s A Nostalgic Restaurant is located on the Kalpetta Bypass Road near to Kairali Nagar.

7. Swami’s Aryabhavan

AryaBhavan Pure Veg Restaurant

This restaurant is probably a paradise for pure vegetarians since you get amazing Sadya meals for an affordable price of Rs 150. It is one of the best pure vegetarian restaurants for travelers who are vegan. The owner Mr. Swamy is gentleman who welcomes all his guests and takes good care of them, so don’t worry be concerned about bad behavior.

One of the best part is that this restaurant continues to serve Idly even till afternoon wherein other restaurants would stop serving it by 11:30 PM. So maybe, next time if you are in Wayanad, looking for a veg meal. Try going to Swami’s Aryabhavan that serves delicious food which are with the money in terms of quantity, quality and taste.

Location: Swami’s Aryabhavan is quite close to the factory of Wayanad Chocos on the Wayanad Road.


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