things to do in Cloudcroft NM

7 things to do in Cloudcroft NM as a Tourist

With all these beautiful sceneries you might forget about the beautiful hill stations, America has to offer, located high in the Sacramento Mountains of Southern New Mexico is a hill station called Cloudcroft. This hidden gem will surely still away your heart while leaving you in awe with its transcending hilly views. In the travel blog, we take you to the mountains depth and figure out the “10 things to do in Cloudcroft NM

This majestic hill station is at an astonishing elevation of 8600 feet and with the most beautiful views one might have set their eyes on. But surely, as a traveler you cannot let this small-town charm fool you at any cost. It definitely throws a packing Punch when it comes to attractions and activities. From hiking through the dense forests of New Mexico to exploring fascinating historical sites , from extraordinary stargazing to thrilling s=winter sports, you name it Cloudcroft has got it.

In this article, I will reveal to you why this enchanting destination should be at the top of your travel list. Whether you’re seeking outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, or simply a peaceful mountain getaway, Cloudcroft promises memories that will linger long after your visit. So, pack your sense of wonder and join us as we uncover the magic of this high-altitude haven in the heart of New Mexico.

1. Hiking in the beautiful Lincoln National Forest

a road leading to national park in USA

Did you ever feel the urge to escape the daily grind so that you may finally enjoy some fresh mountain air? Well, Lincoln National Forest in Cloudcroft, NM is your ticket to adventure and freedom. Before we , begin on the adventurous hike this dense forest offers you, here is a few glimpse of its history. The Lincoln national Park was established in the year 1902. So yea its over a century old has attended to many nature enthusiasts and thrill seekers.

The best thing is that the Lincoln National Forest has different trails for both beginners and experienced trekkers. For beginners and families, The Osha trail is the perfect trail that can be completed with ease, on the other hand for experienced trekkers you have Rim Trail which is definitely more challenging during the snowing season.

Pro Tip: The best time to go for this hike either solo or with family is during Fall season as the air is crisp and the the weather is overall pleasant.

2. Visit the Sacremento Mountains Museum

Sacremento Museum

This small hill station known as Cloudcroft also has its very own museum that includes about 8 complexes from the early 1900s.The Sacremento Mountains Museum has tons of old history to showcase with its plethora of artifacts dating to the early 18th and 19th century. This place has a unique place for all the thrill seekers, and nope its not a bird , its not a plane, its a bigfoot hotspot where many have stated to see bigfoot in the past. From the outside you might think the museum is pretty small and might spend a maximum of 30 minutes but actually you’ll end up spending more than few hours if you are a history buff.

3. Shop at the Historic Downtown Cloudcroft

A thrift shop at the Cloudcroft hill station

Do you fancy a bit of retail therapy with a spectacular mountain view? Then the historic Downtown Cloudcroft has got you covered, the shopping area’s such as Burro Avenue and Glorietta Avenue are fillled with unique gift shops, apparel shops and thrift shops that will surely meet to your needs. Here is what you can expect from these quaint shops situated among the towering pines and beautiful hilly views:

  1. Rendezvous: This is a gift shop with many interesting items to see and purchase for your close and loved ones as memory of this beautiful destination. From cups with various designs to multiple fashion accessories, you can definitely find something to your liking.
  2. Aspen and Ivy Boutique: Aspen and Ivy Boutique is one of the best handcraft shops if you feel like shopping for some amazing and unique backpacks, apparels, and the organic body care products that smell amazingly fragrant.
  3. King’s Treasure Cloudcroft: King’s Treasure Cloudcroft is one of the thrift shops located in the touristy Cloudcroft with plethora of items on bargain from clothing options to boots, you name it.
  4. High Altitude: If you are an adventure, who ventures outdoor a lot, the best thing is that the prices here are quite affordable as compared to those in online. You can find various outdoor goods with premium quality and even top-notch maps that accurate and detailed for traveling.

4. Space Simulation at New Mexico Museum of Space History

A space musuem at the outskirts of  cloudcroft

If you love some extraterrestrial stuff then you have to head to the New Mexico Museum of Space History which located about 30 kilometers from Cloudcroft in Alamogordo. Once you enter the Museum you journey instead starting from the bottom tot the top starts from the top to bottom which takes you through the stunning history of aero-space that begins with gravesite of Ham, the first chimp in space to the Apollo moon Landing.

To enhance the fun they even have a space simulation where you can try and land the Apollo space craft on the the moon, and even get to see a space documentary in the planetarium. If you are a space buff , do consider venturing into this museum.

5. Ski or snowboard at Ski Cloudcroft

Skking at the resort of cloudcroft ski

Have you ever dreamt of carving up slopes in the desert? Ski Cloudcroft will help you fulfill this wish as this unique ski area is situated at an elevation of 9100 feet and one of the most popular southernmost ski resort in the US. But do not try to expect it to be a massive long run but what you can expect is an amazing time and big fun.

The Ski area has about 25 trails and 3 lifts which are just perfect for not just solo beginners but also for families. But remember this Ski area runs from December to March marking it one of the most visited places during the winter season, so if you hit New Mexico in Winters, Cloudcroft has you covered for skiing.

Pro Tip: try to hit the slopes with your family during the weekdays not just to avoid crowd but to also get off with better deals.

6. Play Golf at the Lodge Golf Course

A small girl trying to play golf at a golf course

If your looking to enjoy a sporty afternoon with your close ones, playing golf at the Lodge Golf Course might be just the thing you were looking for. First thing first, the views at an elevation of 9000 Feet at this gold course is just extraordinary. This Golf course was first built in 1899 which is a 9-hole course. The best thing is you can also play at both red and white for 18-hole or maybe even go for 18+9 just to get some more of that majestic view.

Oh, i forgot to mention the best part about this golf course is that you might expect to bump into some reindeers during the later afternoon, yup they just love watching humans play golf so don’t worry too much. The course is also challenging which will be a fun time to spend with your family here.

7. Enjoy scenic drives on the Sunspot Highway

A scenic beautiful view from the high way at Cloudcroft

To finish off the day, the best thing to do is to go for a scenic drive at the Sunspot Highway to view the beautiful sunset over the hills. These roads on the sunspot highway are sure to make you feel like rollercoaster among the clouds. The Sunspot Highway stretches to about 25.7 kilometers giving you enough time to enjoy the slow drive while to soak in the naturistic view and the thrill for your soul. The journey begins from the majestic hill station – Cloudcroft towards to the Sacremento mountains giving you the impeccable view of the mountains.

The best part about this journey is the higher you start to climb the more taller pines to get to see with the air becoming more and more cooler, so remember to carry a light jacket with you.

Pro tip: Stop at the vistas point to take some incredible pictures for Instagram, your social media account will thank you.


Cloudcroft? It is a hidden and that is no doubt on it. I’ve been here and I can tell you its amazing, the air is crisp, the views are insane and the vibe is chill AF. You can hike, ski, play golf, chill at coffee shop downtown. In this blog post we delved into the 7 things to do in Cloudcroft NM, because Cloudcroft is beautiful and its like a baby with a fusion of both nature and culture. The best part about this humble destination is that it’s not overrun with tourists, so pack your bags and come see for yourself as Cloudcroft is ready to blow your mind with its beauty and adventure.


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