Best Time to visit Bangalore with family

Best Time to Visit Bangalore with Family

Bangalore also known as an IT Hub for major MNCs who even refer Bangalore as Silicon Valley of India,. Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka which will not go short on amusing with its pleasant weather, green spaces, and the neve-ending things to do.

The Best time to visit Bangalore is from November to February with temperatures ranging from 15 to 27 degree Celsius. The timing of visiting Bangalore is very crucial as which affects the activities available, budget and the level of comfort while traveling with your family. In this travel blog post, we will discuss on the “Best Time to Visit Bangalore With Family“, best seasons for family visits, and much more.

Overview of Bangalore’s climate

Bangalore city during sunset

Bangalore’s climate is quite unique compared to the climates in other Indian cities, you might be be often told about how wonderful is Bangalore’s climate, which can be believable to somewhat extent. The pleasant weather of Bangalore kind of gives other cities a run for their money when it comes to tourism and travel, which makes a good spot for locals and visitors from near and far. Let me give you deep insight into the seasons so that you understand about Bangalore much better.

The city experiences three main season which are summer, monsoon, and winter but the thing is you should not truly rely on it when it is said that it is going to be summer, because Bangalore’s weather has been noticing changes in its weather fluctuations quite similar to a baby’s mood swing.

The Summer kicks off in the early weeks of March that usually stands till the end of May and even can be extended to the first week of June. While by this time most of the Indian cities would be suffering from a soar in its temperatures, Bangalore on the other hand remains comparatively cool and pleasant with daytime temperatures ranging around 27 degree Celsius to 32 degree Celsius. It is hot, and I know it but its not unbearable like the weather in Delhi which can even push up to 40 degree Celsius.

Later, comes the monsoon season from June to September, no it doesn’t rain all day, but you can surely expect regular showers at intervals with cloudy grey skies that turn bright day into calm evenings in a jiffy. The rain helps in making the heat bearable by cooling it down at regular intervals , along with turning the green spaces of Bangalore into a lush green environment more breathable and vibrant. This is a great season for especially nature enthusiasts to explore the unique gardens Bangalore has to offer.

Winter, I am not sure if you really want to label it as winter. This season runs from October to February during which the temperature steadily drops down to about 15 degree Celsius during nights. And don’t be shocked to see the locals wearing over sized coats during the evenings , as this season can be chilly for them but comparatively mild as compared to global standards. Luckily the days are sunny and bright which make it perfect for plethora of outdoor activities.

This unique year-round moderate climate is a big advantage for Bangalore’s outdoor scene, paving a path for it to be one of the most recommended destinations for solo travelers and families. You can see many people hanging out in trendy local cafes, jogging in parks and playing cricket almost any time of the year. The pleasant weather also makes it a worthy place to visit to enjoy outdoor activities and the amazing local as well as national festivals.

Best Season For a Family Trip to Bangalore

A busy road in Infront of the state parliament of Bangalore

Winter Season

By now you must have understood about Bangalores Climate, and must know that the best season for a family trip to Bangalore is Winter which runs from November to February with temperatures ranging from the mild 15 degree Celsius to the pleasant 27 degree Celsius. These temperatures make it an ideal time for exploring the outdoors, enjoying picnics and participating in various activities.

During this winter time, it is cool enough to wear a light jacket while enjoying your journey throughout the cities during both mornings and evenings. Which also makes it the best time to take your kids and family to explore this unique green city, best part is that you can walk for hours and not break single sweat and I’m being totally honest with you here. Maybe pack some healthy snacks and head out to the unique parks Bangalore has to offer.

Coming to parks, you have to visit the Lalbagh Botanical Garden and Cubbon Park with your family when you’re here at Bangalore. These parks are usually beautiful throughout the year attracting locals and visitors to enjoy its serene and tranquil beauty. The advantage of these parks during the winter , is its cooling breeze which hits against your face, and the flowers which are in its full bloom creating the best environment to relax, enjoy, explore and take some memorable pictures with your family members.

The best thing is about the winter season in Bangalore, is that you would not be worried about the heat affecting your kids, as they can run around, enjoy and play without the troublesome heat that incase of summer make them sweaty, tired and dehydrated in a matter of few minutes. If you are planning a trip with your family to Bangalore, try to stay focused on the winter duration as its both comfortable and beautiful, allowing you and your family to enjoy the this green city to the most.

Summer Season

Coming to the summer season runs from March to May, which is entirely on a different note as compared to your winter season. As i mentioned earlier, I will be honest with you and i won’t lie but Bangalore during summer season can surely get pretty warm and on certain occasions you can expect it to soar above your usual temperature threshold of 21degree Celsius to 35 degree Celsius. You don’t have to look to far, just recently Bangalore recorded the highest temperature of 41.8 degree Celsius.

But the best part about this season is that it matches well with the time frame of the school summer holidays, which makes it a convenient time for you to take your family on a trip. It does tend to get warmer during the middle of the day, therefore I recommend focusing on indoor activities if you are not planning on getting a tan. One of the best places to take your family is Wonderla Waer Park, which is especially a great spot for your kids to relax, open up and enjoy the thrilling activities the waterpark has to offer.

Another good spot to head to, is Funky Monkey which is an indoor play area for kids, that is filled with slides and soft equipment, which is a stimulating and entertaining place for the kids. The best part is that it is air conditioned and away from hot rays of the sun. In the evenings , the temperature drops a bit, which gives you a chance to go on peaceful walk and explore the city or maybe head to a trending cafe to grab a delicious ice cream to cool off your soul.

Monsoon Season

I don’t known about others but for some reason i just love the pleasant weather of Bangalore during the Monsoon Season, its neither too hot nor too cold. The temperatures during monsoon season can range anywhere from 20 degree Celsius to 27 degree Celsius which is similar to spring in many cities around the globe. However, the evenings can feel quite chilly for us, so its best to pack a light weight jacket as a precautionary measure.

As we all know water is a best friend of plants, and surely you can experience the transformation of the Bangalore city into a lush green paradise during the raining season. Imagine taking a quick stroll at the Lalbagh Botanical Garden right after a light shower, the breeze gets cooler while the grass shimmers due to the tiny droplets which have settled on it. It’s truly becomes a magnificent and picturesque location for nature lovers and photographers.

On the other hand, I will have to agree that not every day is a pleasurable day as sometimes the mother nature can be quite harsh on Bangalore. I do remember this one time, when I was traveling to Indiranagar and all of a sudden the showers turned the road into a mini river (should have used a kayak).Just kidding! But this is when the Bangalore’s indoor attractions come to your savior as a knight in shining armor.

One of the best places too visit is the Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum, its great place to explore and gain some great knowledgeable insight while staying in the comfortable AC conditioned indoors. Or you could also go on a shopping spree at the UB city mall or Phoenix Mall to spend your time window shopping or buy something that truly wins over your heart.

Note: Just remember that monsoon season is not a great friend of transports which mean if you don’t plan your trip accordingly you can end up getting stuck at few places while exploring Bangalore. I once had to reschedule my whole trip as there were no availability of cabs because of the pouring heavy rain.

Family-Friendly Festivals and Events in Different Season

Flying Kites during the Bangalore kite festival

Bangalore Kite Festival – January

This is my favorite festival known as the Bangalore Kite Festival and I can bet if you’ve got kids then you will surely love this festival where you might end up finding the kid inside you. The streets are filled with people that are ready to fly kites giving the environment its vibrant aura. The kite festival is celebrated through out Bangalore at various places such as BBMP ground in HSR layout. There are also various workshop which are open at that time which is fun as you and your kids can participate in learning how to make a kite together from scratch.

Lalbagh Flower Show – January and August

The Lalbagh Flower Show is held twice a year which attracts thousands of people within Bangalore and outside Bangalore. The Flower show which is held in January is the longest which lasts for about 11 days. The show is a must-watch for you and your kids, the show conducted this year in January had beautiful replicas are in various sizes and forms which were very closely related to Basavanna, who was a very wise teacher, philosopher and a poet during 1131 to 1196. each year the theme changes and showcases tons of special attractions to see. Make sure that you plan this unique show properly as this show attracts more than 5 lakh visitors within this short duration.

Karaga Festival – March or April

The Kharaga Festival on the other hand is a cultural celebration that takes place every year either in March or April. This cultural festival is a one of a kind to see, especially during the procession in which the priest can be seen balancing a flower pyramid over his head without using his hands, which marks the homecoming of Draupadi. This local and immersive festival takes place in a near the central part of Bangalore called as Bangalore Karaga. It is a fun way to show your kids hints of other local culture which allows them to learn , understand and enjoy themselves at the same time.

Accommodation Considerations during different season

A family friendly hotel located in Bangalore central

Accommodation can also range widely, which is purely based on your timing of you stay , so let me break down it for you.

Peak Season – December to January

This is the time when Bangalore can be seen actually having tons of events and people coming over to the city from various places both near and far. The weather is just amazing urging everyone for a quick visit and vacation in Bangalore. Unfortunately there is a problem, the hotel prices shoot up drastically as rooms get booked faster than you receiving your hot plate of Idli Sambar at a breakfast joint.

If you do plan on visiting Bangalore city during the winter season, my suggestion is that you book your hotel rooms at least 2 to 3 months prior. I know it seems way to early but trust me , you’ll thank me later for this small piece of advice. The best part is that you might be even able to get yourself in on some early bird discounts and deals.

Off- Peak Season – June to September

Are you flexible with your traveling dates? Then, maybe you can consider traveling during the off-season. Well, yes the heavy showers can occur at any period of time during the monsoon season, but do not let it affect your travel decisions. I remember booking a hotel once during the month of July, and guess what I got a flat discount of 35% from the regular price. Pretty dope right!

During the off-peak season there are still lot of activities to participate and avail better deals without the shortage of available rooms, making it the best time to spend your savings without breaking the bank. The deals are not just allocated to the hotels but are also available at various attractions through out of Bangalore.

Travel Tips when Going to Bangalore with Family

There are a few tips that you should consider before traveling although there is a long list of dos and don’ts but here a few basics to get your trip going:


Remember to Pack light clothes no matter which time of the year you’re headed to Bangalore, don’t be foolish by taking heavy oversized coats which will only result in you paying extra baggage fees at the airport. Simple light jackets are right bout enough to stop the cold wind from hitting your chest during the winter evenings. We have also explained in detail about what to pack when traveling in our travel blog.

Personal Care Items

Remember to carry some of the personal care items which can be necessary during your families travel to Bangalore such as a high SPF sunscreen and a good mosquito repellent especially during the monsoon season. Carry a small medical kit as well at all times as a precautionary measure.


It is a completely different story if you are travelling solo or with friends in Bangalore, but if you have kids and are travelling with family, the best option is to hire a private car with a driver who can take you to places as per your request.


In this article of “Best time to visit Bangalore with family” , We now know Bangalore city is a popular destination for travelers across the globe, remember as they say don’t judge a book by its cover. this city not just all nerdy and geeky, it has plethora of things to do throughout various seasons among which winter is the best season to visit for families but every season surely has its own charm to it.

Make sure to plan your booking well with a good research it will not only improve your journey but will make sure you don’t face any obstacles during this unique travel experience. If you are planning a trip with your family, consider Bangalore as one of the destinations while deciding where to go, it surely won’t disappoint you.


Is Bangalore safe for family travel?

Yes, Bangalore is extremely safe city to travel with family as the people there are very friendly and willing to help.

What are the must-visit attractions for kids in Bangalore?

Some of the must-visit attractions for kids in Bangalore are Lalbagh Botanical Garden, Wonderla Amusement Park, Cubbon Park, Bengaluru Palace and Bannerghatta National Park.

How to manage Bangalore traffic with young children?

Some of the best ways to manage Bangalore traffic with young children is to leave early from your hotel and to avoid taking car for places which can be covered by walking.

Are there any child-friendly restaurants in Bangalore?

Yes, there are plenty of child-friendly restaurants that are spread across Bangalore such as Nagarjuna, Time Traveler and more.


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