What should you carry in a backpack when travelling

What Should You carry in a Backpack when travelling in India?

When making a decision of embarking on a journey, trip or travel, it is always crucial to pack your backpack wisely to ensure your travel sails smoothly and enjoyably. In this travel blog we will discuss “What Should you carry in backpack when travelling?”, as the content of your backpack can greatly impact your convenience, comfort, and preparedness for the road.

Importance of Packing a Backpack Correctly

Be it a travel to new city, town, village or even venturing out to an unfamiliar territory having the right essentials within your backpack is always a huge help . From travel documents to personal care items and few emergency supplies can be your savior and companion when travelling. It is necessary to carefully curate the the list of items to be carried along with you, which not just allows you to enhance your travel experience but also aids you by being well-prepared for any adventure that awaits for you.

Essential Documents and Cash

Travel documents including passports and travel tickets

When it comes to packing the first and foremost things to pack in your backpack are your travel documents and identity documents such as passport, travel visa, emergency contact information identity card of your country, Aadhar card, PAN card, travel tickets along with some cash. It is important to note that having these travel documents greatly helps you especially at government offices and while crossing the state borders of India.

India is soon growing at a steady pace to become all digital in terms of online transactions, but is very helpful to keep some amount of cash and change with you as not all places accept digital payments and it can also get tough to receive net work signals in remote villages and towns.

Have a copy of your documents

Before your journey begins remember to get a copy of all your original documents such as passports, identity document, and travel itineraries. This helps you to keep your original documents safe when travelling as you can keep the original passports. It also acts as a subsidiary if incase you end up losing your original documents by accident during your travel. However, it is recommended to carry duplicate copies of identity while leaving the original copies at your hotel as these ensures the original documents remain safe.

Keep it safe and close

It is best to use a body wallet which allows you to keep your cash and important documents close to you. You definitely don’t want them to be stolen and since not everyone is a nice person, some may be professional pick pocketer who can easily steal your cash and documents so make sure to always keep a check on your belongings while keeping it close to you.


a person folding clothes and keeping them for packing

Clothing comes in the second in the list and it is important to choose you clothing accordingly, It is recommended to always pack lightweight clothing or clothing which are made up of light material which allows you to adapt to the simultaneously changing weather of India. Carrying Neutral colors clothes help you in easily mix and match your outfit during the trip which is better than carrying plethora of single combination outfits.

Try to choose the clothes which you carry to be materials which can be easily dried off, because carrying clothes don’t dry off easily can cause inconvenience for you while travelling, and trying to take these wet clothes in a plastic bag just ends up smelling bad once you take them out again. Here are also few tips to how to pack them so that you can have enough space in your backpack.

Follows the rolling technique

Remember to roll your clothes instead of folding like how you have been taught since the very beginning of your life. Although folding does seem a good way to pack your clothes , it still isn’t the perfect method when it comes to saving space in your backpack. On the other hand side. rolling your cloth not just helps you save your space, but you will also notice you won’t have any creases on your clothes due to the rolling.

Layer it the right way

When you are packing your backpack you must remember to pack heavy and less used items below, while putting light and daily used items on the top, this not just allows you to organize your backpack properly but also helps you from digging deep inside your backpack every time you require something that you know you would be using on a daily basis.


Shoes placed over a rugged terrain

It is recommended to always wear the heavy shoes while carrying the lightest shoe in your backpack, this way you don’t just reduce the overall weight of your backpack but you also reduce the burden on your shoulders. Depending on the season your foot wear can change , if its the summers its best to wear a good trail running shoes with good ventilation for the feet and on the other hand side carry an open-toe sandal in your backpack.

If it is the winter season or if you are travelling in a colder region located in India, it is best if you wear good thick shoes to keep your feet warm while carry a good running shoes just incase to change in between of your travels. It is also to avoid your shoe to start smelling bad , the more often you switch between your shoes the better chances of it to not smell bad.

Personal Care

items such as scissors and shaving for personal care items for men

Personal hygiene is important and can only be achieved if you have the right personal care products with you while traveling, someone who travels to shorter trips prefer to carry probably just a face wash and nothing more. But if you plan on going on a longer trip you have to think of which personal products you should carry to minimalize your weight but also to make sure you have whatever you require for your travel.

Some of the items you should carry during a longer travel would be:

  1. Sunscreen with + 50 SPF and UVB protection
  2. Hand Sanitizer
  3. Insect Repellent
  4. Deodrant
  5. Feminine Hygiene Products- for menstrual care
  6. Tissues
  7. Wet wipes
  8. Moisturizer

Use small refill bottles

Based on your duration of travel and trip and if it allows instead of carrying large bottles of lotion and shampoo, it is better to use small reusable bottles where you are able to refill with cream and shampoo, this helps in both reducing the weight of your backpack and provides you more space to put necessary travel items.

Other Travel Accessories

Important travel accessories items such as Phone gadget watch

The final one in our list of “What should you carry in a backpack when travelling” is travel accessories, when we say travel accessories it just doesn’t pin point at few particular items, as it can include any other left out items which you feel is important to carry along with you in your backpack. These items could range from a power bank to a Swiss knife. It is suggested to you that you only carry items that you feel very very important and think that you wouldn’t be able to do much without or will have trouble finding it.

Some of the items that we believe that belong in the important travel accessories are:

  1. Charging cable for phone
  2. Power Bank
  3. Waterproof phone cover
  4. Sun glasses
  5. Travel Pillow
  6. Waterproof watch


Travelling is a journey which involves planning and thorough organizing to make it a successful, comfortable and a memorable journey. There are multiple of processes included when you consider travelling to places or destinations of your choice. These same choices can change entirely when you plan to go to a colder region. In this article we have provided a basic guidelines of what you can carry as an essential in your backpack when travelling so that you can keep in check of the items you are placing while ensuring all important things are packed properly an carefully.


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