Honey Museum Wayanad

Honey Museum Wayanad: Things to do, opening hours, and Entry Fees

The entrance of the Honey Museum Wayanad also known as Bee craft Museum, with a logo mentioning I love bees
Entrance of the museum

Honey Museum Wayanad also known as Bee Craft Honey Museum was established on February 18, 2021 by entrepreneur Usman Madari (Owner of Bee Craft) and the help of the Kerala government. The Honey Museum is the first of its kind in India which is located in Old Vythiri in the Wayanad district.

Every traveler who visits the Bee Craft Honey Museum enters into a unique world of ever sweetening honey, the premises is made in such a vibrant which displays the color contrast of both the honey and the honey bee. As you step inside the the building you are greeted by the buzzing bees, but do not worry as this time the swarm of honey bees won’t be chasing your back. Instead, you be sure to leave the Honey Museum with great amount of knowledge and fun. In this travel blog, we will discuss about this lesser-known hidden gem known as the Bee Craft Honey Museum, so let’s dive into some sweet delicious honey.

Origin and History Of Bee Craft Honey Museum Wayanad

Tasting section of the Honey Museum
Interiors of the Bee Museum

Originally the Bee Craft company was started in the year of 2017 by Usman Madari and his wife Najma Usman who realized the huge potential of beekeeping in the Kerala State. The brand initially began online with the name “Theenkada” which later changed into offline stores in across multiple districts and after which the amazing Bee craft honey museum was established on February 18, 2021 which definitely began to bring in flock of visitors from near and far.

Since Wayanad is so well known for its honey also known as Wayanad honey which is no less than gold in terms of its sweetness. Most of the visitors return from Wayanad only after purchasing honey, the only problem that was here is that the visitors who were buying the honey did not know of its origin, uses, and other characteristics other than its name which is Wayanad honey that is when Honey Museum Wayanad came into play to help visitors understand more deeply about this blissful natural resource.

Things to do in Bee Craft Honey Museum

Supply of Honey jars for sell at the exit of the Honey Museum Wayanad
Multiple types of honey in the museum’s shop

1. Learn about the Bees and Honey

Once the visitor enters the Honey Museum’s complex they are greeted by three or four guides inside who take them through the museum and educate them about the peculiarities of honey and bee. Honey is an important part in a human life as it keeps us healthy and is not just a sweetener. Did you know that there are also stingless bees! There are about 200 species of bees in the world among which only 12 species of bees collect honey. Fun fact is that each of bee’s honey have different characteristics to it, and bees collect the honey collected by the the other worker bees only after purifying themselves.

2. Taking Photographs

The museum is adorned with decorations and also has their own mascot which of course the bee, visitors who come there can take pictures within the museum as well as with mascot of the museum that add to their memorable travel experience In Kerala.

3. Honey Tasting Sessions

One of the fun parts of getting to be in this museum is the honey tasting sessions they hold for the visitors. The visitors get an opportunity to taste each of the 20 different types of honey along with being explained about its uses and benefits. Some of the well known types of honey include Tulsi honey, Litchi honey, Black forest honey, Wayanadan agmark honey , Sidr honey including Kanjiratane. Among all these honey the Sidr honey which is also known as Cidar is the most valuable honey which is collected form the giant bees.

4. Shop your favorite honey

Before leaving and taking all that honey knowledge with you, you are able to buy your favorite choice of honey which you liked during the tasting session. The Bee Craft Museum sets up a display to market its 20 different types of honey which also includes the most expensive ones known as the Cherutene and Stingless honey.

One of the most suggested honey to buy here is the Sidr honey which is the most preferred variety which cost more than Rs 6000 in India but is sold at a very affordable price of Rs 1300 without any quality compromise. Along with that it also sells various gels, soaps perfumes, balms chocolates and bee wax.

Opening hours of Honey Museum Wayanad

Day of the WeekTime
Sunday9:30 AM- 8:30 PM
Monday9:30 AM- 8:30 PM
Tuesday9:30 AM- 8:30 PM
Wednesday9:30 AM- 8:30 PM
Thursday9:30 AM- 8:30 PM
Friday9:30 AM- 8:30 PM
Saturday9:30 AM- 8:30 PM
Table of Timings of Bee Craft Honey Museum

Entry Fees for Honey Museum

Ticket TypePrice
Child below 5 Years oldFree
Child above 5 Years oldRs 20
Adults above 18 years oldRs 30
Table of Entry Fees

How to Reach Honey Museum

The Honey museum is well connected by road which makes it an easy destination to reach, if you have a private car, you can drive fro Mettupalayam which is just 1 to 2 hours away from the museum.

The musuem is located off the main road in Vythiri from there a narrow road leads to the museum which is approximately 800 meters to the entrance of the honey museum.


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