Ghost in kalpalli cemetery

Kalpalli Cemetery: The No Man’s land of Bangalore

Kalpalli Cemetery is not a tourist destination nor is a place for the faint hearted, believe us when we say it. Kalpalli Cemetary is known to be one of the most haunted places of Bangalore and that is not supported by just a few stories but actually tons of stories by the locals who mention of that they can hear someone calling them when they approach near the cemetery during dawn, or sudden appearance of foggy figures out of thin air that suddenly flash again right in front of you before warning you.

Scared, did it send a spine chilling feeling down to your spine? Well, be ready to know all about this haunted place of Bangalore as we take you through the journey of Bangalore’s Most Haunted, Kalpalli Cemetery. Are you adventurous enough to take a walk here?

The Beginning of Kalpalli Cemetery

Walking within the Kalpalli Cemetery

The Kalpalli Cemetery dates back to as early as the 18th century, today this cemetery which is used as burial ground for the citizen of Bangalore was back then a graveyard for the British Army officers. These officers are those who lived within the cantonment area including General John Wheeler Cleveland who who died at the age of 92 in 1883.

The Kalpalli cemetery is also known as St. John’s cemetery and is controlled by the St. John’s Church, which is about 168 year old itself and was named after St. John the Evangelist. The cemetery over time became slightly ruined and overtime stories started forming and circulating from people to people who had visited this place or had gone near it after dark.

Is Kalpalli Cemetery Haunted?

A strange figure in front of a grave in kalpalli cemetery

The cemetery is one of the most haunted places that local people stay fearful of as it is no joke when you would hear stories of people mentioning strange figures , strange sounds, footsteps of a person walking right next to you even when some one isn’t there. Many people have even claimed seeing a strange figure of man of more like an headless man who tried to approach you in the dark and right when you try to check on them or try to call out them the figure strangely vanishes in thin air. Talk about strange and horrific stories

Funny thing is that you won’t even find the security guard going in to the cemetery during those dark hours of the day, because simply he loves his life and he is definitely afraid as heck to go inside those place. There are many theories and legends affiliated with it, when we asked the local people we got to hear three different stories and all of them will leave you with goosebumps and eerie feeling.

General John Wheeler Cleveland’s Spirit

It is said that John Wheeler Cleveland still haunts the place or some say warns the folks and residents not to enter the cemetery after dawn. Wondering who is General John Wheeler Cleveland? John Wheeler Cleveland was a general in Her Majesty’s Indian army , who had dedicated 75 years of his life in patriotism of the nation. He had even participated in the first Burmese war and was awarded with highest commands in the Madras Presidency. Maybe there is a reason why he is stopping the people to not enter deep into the graveyard.

Restless Spirits of Officer

Some say that spirits that often appear and disappear belong to the those of the British officers who were buried here during the early 18th century. The reason why they haunt this burial ground is because many believe that they had an early death and which is why their spirts roam around the cemetery’s ground with utter restlessness causing havoc on those who enter the dark realm after the sunset.

Unknown Murders

We are not exactly sure how much you should believe on this story, but some of the locals have mentioned that the Kalpalli Cemetery is haunted and why it tends to hear the wailing sounds at the night is because of the people who have been murdered and buried here under mysterious circumstances. The murdered victims cry at night and await to take revenge on the person who is responsible for all of this. So are you still brave enough to enter those gates?

Residents share their comments on Kalpalli cemetery

A Reddit User when asked if he ever witness or thinks if the Kalpalli Cemetery is haunted, The reddit user ” SandeepShenoy” wrote:

The road near Kalpalli is definitely haunted. There are multiple cemeteries + many cases of mugging and robberies avoid using after 8pm. (Road that connects old Madras road to Cox town/Frazer town from Swami Vivekananda Metro Stations)

Reddit Forum

Another Reddit User when being asked ” If saw any hauntings at the cemetery we got some truth about the cemetery from the brave and courageous explorers.

After searching online, we came to know about Kalpalli Cemetery at Cox Town being haunted, so one night around 11pm-12am, me and the bois thought to check it out. We took a cab up till a kilometer and walked tot he cemetery. The whole area was a slum and was shady af, don’t know about ghosts but definitely a chance to get mugged.

Anyway we reached the cemetery, the gates were closed and there were a dozen dogs around the gate which started barking at us the moment we tried to get closer to the gate. And there was an army establishment just opposite the cemetery and we could see they were watching us so best to **** off from there. We didn’t see any ghosts but the whole area surrounding the cemetery was spooky af



The rumors and plethora of stories attached to the Kalpalli cemetery surely surrounds it in a shroud of mystery and creepy aura. But nevertheless, we as humans only believe on what we see and what we hear , although we didn’t hear see any strange figures when we visited this cemetery, we did end up hearing some footstep which felt if there was person who was try to walk closer to us near the broken boundary wall of the cemetery. We didn’t see any person there which did give us a sudden fright.

If you are brave, courageous enough then maybe you can have a go at Bangalore’s most haunted place and see if you are actually as brave as you say or is it just plain words.


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