budget friendly vagamon resorts where family can be seen enjoying their time together

Top 7 budget friendly Vagamon resorts for Family

Welcome, to another travel blog of Travel Desi, in which this time we deliver to you the Top 7 budget friendly Vagamon resorts in Kerala. There are many folks who are planning their trip with their family to the cooling and refreshing valley of Vagamon located in the state of Kerala.

We truly understand the fact that not every family wants to spend extravagantly as they have certain restrictions on their spending due to certain investment plans or responsibilities that they have, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot travel with your family to this amazing place, we make sure to provide you with the most budget friendly hotel so that you don’t see your cash burning right out of your wallet. Let’s get straight into these budget friendly Vagamon resorts.

1. Falcon Crest Resort

A budget friendly Vagamon resort located amidst the tranquil and lush forest of Vagamon
Falcon Crest resort in Vagamon

Falcon Crest Resort is the first one in our budget friendly Vagamon resorts that is located in the tranquil Western Ghats of Kerala. It is approximately 5 kilometers away from Vagamon, spread over an area of 3 acre creating a perfect humble paradise for guests to find solace and relax in the unwavering natural environment. The aroma of the air is quite different as compared to your city life, as it is surrounded by tea garden instead of polluting vehicles.

The rooms within the Falcon Crest Resort are spacious and clean, outstanding hospitality provided by its staff will provide you with a wonderful stay and experience for you and your lovely family.

Activities: Falcon Crest Resort also provides various facilities such as Barbeque facility, Forest Trekking, Off-roading jeep safari, local sightseeing, cooking classes, plantation walk, Camp fire with music, snooker and board games.

Location: The Falcon Crest Resort is located inside the turn off the road of Pullikkanam – Elappara Road, you will notice as you pass by Phoenix bakery and coolbar.

2. Vagamon Hill Chimes

A beautiful interior of the resort of Vagamon Hill Chimes showcasing  rustic and modern look with its beige interior color and wooden works
Interior of Vagamon HIll Chimes

Another beautiful resort which quite resembles that of a homestay, the Vagamon Hill Chimes is known to have a wonderful hospitality as the staff are helpful and soft spoken. The Vagamon Hill Chimes is probably the best budget friendly Vagamon resorts if you are planning for a spot that also provides mesmerizing scenic views from the balcony, if so this one does it the best.

Although the food options within this homely stay is quite limited in its choices, it does provide homely tasty food as the cooking team is often praised in this resort for providing delicious dishes even if its limited.

Activities: The Vagamon Hill Chimes has a private view point only for its guest, as well as provides jeep safari on request, other then that this resort is suited for families that plan on traveling in Vagamon more rather then staying in the rooms.

Location: The resort is located about 1.5 kilometer from from the main road, located close to Le Collines Resort.

3. Hill Monk – Whispering Mist Resort Vagamon

A splendid white color exterior of the Hill Monk resort in Vagamon
Exterior of Hill Monk resort

Hill Monk is a beautiful resort located in Kannamkulam, Vagamon. It is not just an another resort with spacious room and comfortable room but is also known for its splendid views from the property, as guests can enjoy the scenic sunset from this spot. The staff here is friendly and tries their best to provide you with all things necessary. The only problem which you might face is reaching to the resort as the road can get slightly tricky and muddy especially during the monsoon season in Kerala.

The resort also has access to some of the closest scenic treks and is a good place for those who are going here with family and friends. The food here is usually prepared once the order is made, as the food from the nearby areas are not that good of an option.

Activities: You can always ask them for the nearby routes to the scenic treks as it is also located close to Vagamon Meadows.

Location: You can reach here by taking a small narrow lane near the main road known as Masco tea factory Road.

4. Holiday Homes Resort Vagamon

Holiday Homes during the evening with dim lights on
Holdiay Homes exterior in Vagamon

First things first, the location of this extraordinary Holiday Homes Resort Vagamon is just fantastic, with mind-blowing scenic view of the valley and misty rolling mountains. The rooms are clean and tidy and the staff listens to all your queries and responds in an efficient manner making your stay with your family comfortable. Although the amenities are limited and can be recommended for a family or group that plans on staying most of the time outside of the resort instead of the within the room. Also be sure that the meals are not provided here, so it is best that you arrange a meal for yourself from nearby eateries to the resort.

Activities: since it is situated in between the Vagamon meadows and Vagamon Tea lake boating it is best to go for outdoor trekking and other adventures Vagamon has to offer.

Location: it is located close to Masco Tea Factory and Idukki Tourism Vagamon, so you won’t have any trouble finding it.

5. Honeycomb

A triangular shaped resort located in a serene beautiful location of Western Ghats Vagamon in Kerala
Exterior of Honeycomb in Vagamon

The resort placed in excellent location, awesome viewing experience. The room is clean, tidy and spacious with a lot of room just even walk around and to allow all that fresh air to come inside. The room does provide with your very own electric kettle along with coffee, sugar, and milk powders etc.

If you prefer a quiet location and a place that is located slightly in the depths of the inner road of Vagamon which can cause a slight bit problem when traveling to the spot. The view from balcony is amazing, probably the best part of this resort to just spend your time adoring the beautiful nature. You also get a good amount of misty fog when it the time needle start to reach 6:00 PM.

Actvities: Campfire can be arranged by the resort and details to other nearby hidden gems are usually given by the staffs.

Location: The Honeycomb is located very close to Palette Hill View Resort Vagamon.

6. Vagamon Vagashore

A budget friendly resort named Vagamon Vagashore during the evening time with dim lights
Exterior of Vagamon Vagashore

Vagamon Vagashore is the best if you want your resort to be located the most extra ordinary tranquil location. The Vagamon Vagashore resort is located on the shore of Vagamon Meadow Lake, which is one of the most popular and most visited destination in Vagamon. The rooms within the resort are made in such la way that they can be for anyone and everyone, with rooms ranging in types such as ethnic, chic and luxury.

If you want a hotel that not just take cares of attention to detail while you and your family stays there, but also focuses on providing you with one of the most memorable holiday and stay then this resort is the perfect one for you. This resort is also one of the top most recommended resorts for couples who come out to Vagamon for their mini vacation.

Activities: The resort provides amazing off-road jeep safari’s to kurisumala, pine valley waterfalls, indo-swiss project and many more. It also can help you arrange paragliding and village tours if you require it to be part of your stay at the resort.

Location: The Vagamon Vagashore is located near the Elappara Road and is situated right next to Vagamon king palace resort.

7. Vaga Copper Castle Vagamon

The exterior of a resort that almost looks rustic and old
Vaga Copper Resort exterior

Are normal modern resort just too over saturated for you? Don’t worry the last resort in our list of top 7 budget friendly Vagamon resorts is the Vaga Copper Castle in the Western Ghats of Kerala which is surely to allure you with is rustic yet elegant charm. Your stay at the Vaga Copper Castle is sure to be exceptional has its not just the view but the resort it self has been well decorated to make it one of the picturesque resorts in Vagamon. The resort has bloomed purple flower trees almost at every corner of the resort along with plethora of fishes in its pool which enhances the scenic view.

The rooms are designed in such a way it bring backs the old kings and queens era, with a unique artistic which of the guests staying there haven known to love. The owner of the resort Mr. Melwin Joseph is a delightful person who tries to make sure that the stays of his guest is as comfortable as possible.

Activities: The resort can arrange for a good tour around of Vagamon with its off-road jeep safari that enhances your travel experience while staying at the resort.

Location: The Vaga Copper Castle Is located on No.3 , Lake Road, which is quite close to Vagamon Tea Lake Boating.

This is a curated list of the top 7 budget friendly Vagamon resorts which we believe are the best in Vagamon if traveling with your family to the Western Ghats of Kerala. The prices of these resorts can often fluctuate depending on the season but make sure to always recheck with official staff of the resort to make sure all your requirements are met to make your stay to be as smooth and comfortable as possible.


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