Vagamon glass bridge in which people are seen walking on a transparent glass bridge

Vagamon Glass Bridge: Best Time to Visit, Entry Fees, Activities

Glass bridge located in Vagamon  Adventure Park
Vagamon Glass Bridge

The Vagamon Glass Bridge has become one of the most popular sightseeing spot among tourists who visit Kerala, as it recently recorded 1.2 lakh visitors in April. The Vagamon Glass Bridge became open to visitors starting from September 6, 2023. The Vagamon Glass Bridge is one of the unique Glass Bridge Skywalks in India among many others. The Vagamon Glass Bridge is located in Vagamon in the Idukki district of Kerala.

The glass bridge is resilient and strong enough to carry about 15 people at once, as it is made of five layers of 40mm glass imported from Germany. The strengthen the support of the glass bridge in case of future risk it was added with 35 tons of steel to support the entire glass bridge. From the Vagamon Glass Bridge you can see places such as Kokkayar, Koottikkal, and Mundakkayam.

The 120 foot long glass bridge was made in collaboration of Idukki DTPC (Idukki District Tourism Promotion Councils) and Bharat Mata Ventures, which is a Perumbavoo-based firm under a public-private partnership. Further more this fascinating bridge is located at an altitude of 3500 feet above sea level making it an attraction that has become a much loved spot over the period.

Best Time to Visit Vagamon Glass Bridge

The best time to Visit Vagamon Glass Bridge is from October to May as the climate is cool and refreshing while also provide a very clear weather which is necessary to spot distant places as well as the beautiful green Vagamon valley beneath the bridge. The entry time to the glass Bridge is from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

During the monsoon the mist often forms up near the bridge which makes it hard for visitors to experience the bridge in the right manner. the bridge can also get crowded during the weekends so it is best to go there during weekdays to avoid long queue of crowd, and try to be early to get your tickets as there isn’t any online ticketing system which can cause you to stand long in the queue.

Tip: Make sure to go early to the glass bridge counter as the tickets can be sold out early as the ticket is limited and the time allotted to each group of 15 members on the glass bridge is just a bare minimum of 5 minutes.

Entry Fees of Glass bridge

Ticket TypePrice
Children above 5Rs 250
AdultRs 250
Senior CitizenRs 250
Toddlers (Children Below age of 5)Free
Table of entry fees of Vagamon Glass Bridge

Adventure Activities near Vagamon Glass Bridge

The Idukki DTPC has launched multiple adventurous activities at the Vagamon Glass bridge which is a part of the Adventure Park of DTPC at Kolahalamedu, so that you can have fun while visiting the awe-striking location. Below we will mention some of the most amazing activities to do there.


Zipline Vagamon
Vagamon Zipline

The zipline is is located within the Vagamon Heights in Idukki, If you are a person who loves adreneline rush and nature , then this zipline experience promises to give you an unforgettable journey in this beautiful Vagamon valley of Kerala. The zipline allows the visitors to soar through the magnificent treetops while you feel the cool wind push against you. The Zipline course within the park are set up in three different courses which include variety of adreneline pumping activities such as

  1. Tightwires
  2. Tarzan swing
  3. Unique bridge
  4. Dancing logs
  5. Zip lines


paragliding Vagamon
Vagamon Paragliding

Probably one of the most exciting activity near the glass bridge is paragliding which is a must for anyone who gets a chance to visit the adventure park. Imagine flying through the sky just like a bird while enjoying the majestic view of the Vagamon rolling hills and its lush greenery. The best part of Vagamon is that the weather can often be misty but since the winds blow towards the south western direction it becomes an ideal location for paragliding.

The paragliding season is usually from September to January which restarts again from March to May. If you are someone who is not scared of heights then it should be added to your bucket list during your Vagamon travel. The paragliding is available from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, and the paragliding lasts for about 20 to 25 minutes.

Tips: Remember before getting much excited that the paragliding requires a minimum age of 14 years of age, and the weight should be in the bracket of 50 KG to 90 KG. Anyone who is less or exceeds would not be allowed to participate in this activity.

Flower Garden

An area covered full of colorful flowers
Flower Garden in Vagamon

Although it is not an adreneline pumping activity to visit the flower garden, but it has been recently added to the Adventure Park which is open from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM everyday. The flower garden also has small children playground where the kids can enjoy on the slides and swings. If you are a photograph enthusiast or nature lover this spot may be ideal for you. The flower garden also hosts a musical water fountain show which starts at 7:00 PM and lasts for about 20 to 30 minutes. The flower garden also has a flower boutique from where you can purchase fresh beautiful flowers.

Other Activities at Adventure Park Vagamon

a Man cycling on a rope in the green Valley of vagamon in Kerala
Cycle on rope in Vagamon

The other activities at the Vagamon Adventure Park include Giant Swing, Cycle on Rope, Free Fall, Rocket Ejector, Human Gyro, And trekking. These activities are divided into a much more diverse package for families who want to participate in this thrilling experience.

Adventure Park Vagamon Package

Package NamePackage Price (per person)Package Activities
Silver PackageRs 9991. Glass Bridge
2. Cycle on Rope
3. Zipline/ Freefall
4. 360 Cycle
Gold PackageRs 14991. Glass Bridge
2. Giant Swing/ Rocket Ejector
3. Free Fall/ Zipline
4. Human Gyro
5. 360 Cycle
6. Sky Roller/ Sky Cycle
Platinum PackageRs 19991. Glass Bridge
2. Giant Swing
3. Sky Cycle
4. Sky Roller
5. Rocket Ejector
6. Zipline
7. Human Gyro
8. 360 Cycle
9. Free Fall
Adventure Park Vagamon

Single Activity prices in Vagamon Adventure Park

Activity NameTicket Price
Adventure Park Entry TicketRs 50
Glass Bridge VagamonRs 250
ZiplineRs 800
Rope Activities (Tight wires, Dancing logs, Unique bridge, Tarzan Swing)Rs 1200
Trekking at scenic trails ( Tour Guide)Rs 500
Paragliding ( single flight)Rs 3500
Vagamon Adventure activities price list

Other activities at the adventure park range from Rs 50 to the Rs 3500 depending on what you prefer on doing with the park. If you plan on trying out all the activities then you can expect to to spend anywhere from 3 to 5 hours at the Vagamon adventure park.


How long is the Vagamon Glass Bridge?

The Vagamon Glass Bridge is about 40 meters long and is situated at an astonishing height of 100 feet above the ground.

Can I visit the Vagamon Glass Bridge during monsoon season?

It is possible to visit this stunning bridge during monsoon season, but you will have no fun watching the valley which will be covered by immense mist.

Is the Vagamon Glass Bridge safe for children and elderly visitors?

yes it is completely safe for children and elderly visitors, but make sure they are not afraid of height or have low and high blood pressure.

Are there any weight restrictions for the Vagamon Glass bridge?

Although the weight restriction is not entirely made public, the total number of people allowed on the bridge is 15.

How do I get to the Vagamon Glass Bridge from Kochi?

The best way to get there is by grabbing a car and driving it towards southwest for about 4 hours, while enjoying the scenic view of the valley.

Are there any food options available near the Vagamon Glass Bridge?

There are a few food options near to the Vagamon Glass Bridge namely Anoki Restaurant, Hotel Kasim Cafe, and Kailas Family Restaurant.


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