Which jewelry stop is best in Bangalore

Which Jewelry Shop is Best in Bangalore for shopping

Looking for the best and the perfect bling in the city of Bangalore? Well, you are surely not alone and with so many shoppers coming to Bangalore for purchasing the right ornament, it has been a mission for me to find the best jewelry shops in this bustling city. Today, in this travel blog we will discuss about “which Jewelry shop is Best in Bangalore”.

Let us take delve a bit more deeper as I definitely know of some of the best Jewelry shops in Bangalore and they are best in the jewelry business for plenty of reason. So let us check which shops can you go to purchases your next Jewelry on your travel in Bangalore.

Why Bangalore for Jewelry Shopping?

A women trying on jewelry in a store

Bangalore is not not all about startups and Informational Technology, and there is definitely more than what you picture Bangalore to be. Among many of the things Bangalore is a goldmine for jewelry lovers, and I’m not joking, the love for jewelry in south India especially among women is way too much as compared to other places I’ve visited. Although I know you might need the right reasons to actually believe in this heck of a goldmine.

Here is why:

  1. Mix of traditional and modern styles
  2. Rich cultural heritage influencing the magnificent designs
  3. Competitive prices due to high competition

Top Jewelry Shops in Bangalore

1. C. Krishniah Chetty & Sons

Interior of C. Krishniah Chetty and Sons

This ranks the number among the plethora of choices you have got within the Bangalore Jewelry market, and its all for the good reasons. The first and foremost reason is that C. Krishniah Chetty & Sons have been in the Jewelry business since 1869, talk about legacy! That is in total of more thhan 150 years of history in making, so I guess you can pretty much imagine all the styles and trends they must have seen and go over time , after all it’s like a living museum of jewelry trends.

The only problem you might face when entering this jewelry shop is to chose among the abundant options that are in front of you. There are reasons why you would love shopping here as a jewelry enthusiast. They’ve got everything:

  1. Modern diamond pieces
  2. Colorful gemstones
  3. Traditional Indian gold jewelry
  4. Even watches and silverware

It is a like like one of the hidden treasures you’ve come across which was hidden away from your naked eyes for centuries.

Quality that you can Trust

One thing that is guarantee and can be trusted is their perfection and quality in its jewelry. The thing is, when you are dropping serious cash on a jewelry, you do expect it to be the real deal . That is one thing in which C. Krishniah Chetty & Sons don’t like messing around with and its quality. They’ve got all the required certifications and hallmarks you need to feel secure about your purchase. Which allows you to put your trust in them, they didn’t survive so many years in this business with just advertising.

The Staff knows it all

Ever headed to a store where the staff is supposedly clueless about the gemstones, the cuts and the origination of the jewelry or its style? Well, not here. These peeps know what they are talking about when it comes to the history of the jewelry piece, cut of every diamond and the origin of every gemstone they showcase to their customers. It’s almost like having your own personal Jewelry guru with this wholesome knowledge.

Why it’s perfect for Travelers

Well , it be wrong of me if I’m just bluntly recommending this jewelry store by own personal biasness, so here are the reasons why it might be perfect for you as a traveler:

  1. Wide Price range: It provides you jewelry from affordable to luxury, something for every budget
  2. English speaking staff: You don’t have to worry about any communication gap or errors which would effect your purchase
  3. They understand tourist needs: They have a huge clientele from various places and they can arrange shipping if needed
  4. Central Location: The best part is it is located in central Bangalore making it easy to find and get to, and also they fact they have a few branches spread out in Bangalore such in Jaya Nagar location and Shivajinagar.

2. Tanishq

Tanishq Showroom in Bangalore

One of the biggest players in the Jewelry Business, if you been traveling in Bangalore you might have seen massive bill boards and hoardings with the Tanishq advertising. When walking into this jewelry store it almost seems as if you’ve entered a jewelry wonderland. The staff? Super helpful without being pushy. They actually listened to what I wanted instead of shoving the most expensive stuff in my face. Every piece within their shop goes through various checks before it even hits the shelves, and since they have such a big name in the market they use this high-tech gadgets to make sure their gold purity is spot on.

Their Design Game is Bang On

Let’s talk about their designs after all it is one of the important factors when finding your perfect jewelry. Tanishq has got something for everyone:

  1. Modern stuff that looks straight out of a fashion magazine
  2. Fusion designs that blend the best of both worlds
  3. Traditional Indian pieces that will surely make your grandmom very proud

Their design ranges are pretty extensive and I can say that you will be able to find jewelry for daily wear to those you’d wear for big fat Indian weddings. They do have range.

Prices that are Right

Let’s move further up the rank and discuss about money. Tanishq is most definitely not the cheapest one out there, but do hear me out:

  1. Offers and Deals: They often have sales and offers which are worth scoring especially during festive season such as Diwali.
  2. Quality to Price ratio: The quality is perfect and I would surely pay a higher price for something that will last.
  3. Transparent Pricing: At Tanishq there are no-hidden costs or those last minute surprises.

Why Tanishq is perfect for Travelers

If you are a traveler who is visiting Bangalore, Tanishq is surely a safe bet when it comes to purchasing Jewelry and here is why:

  1. Return Policy: The have a solid return policy, so if you change your mind or find a defect ? No worries
  2. Stores across the City: Tanishq has multiple stores across the city, so no matter whee you are residing you’ll find one near you
  3. International Designs: You’ll find plethora of designs here which are similar to back home and up to the current standards

3. Abaran Jewellers

Abaran showroom in Bangalore MG Road

A local and well-known Jewelry store in Bangalore is Abaran Jewellers which was first established around 1935, probably older than my grandpa. They have got this unique and rare mix of old-school charm and modern style. It’s like they’ve grown with time but surely haven’t forgotten their roots. They have got all that you need from traditional gold pieces to the latest modern and funky designs.

Quality Assurance

Abaran Jewellers have been long in the the gold and jewelry business and you can be sure that they have all the certifications. And you can be assured that they are high in quality as they are also the official retailers for Rolex watches, nobody out of the blue randomly becomes a Rolex retailers which as watch brand has established itself as the epitome of quality.

Why its perfect for Travelers

  1. Central Location: Abaran is located in one of the central areas of Bangalore, which is easy to find as they are located in Ashok Nagar in MG road the main hub of Bangalore.
  2. Tourist-Friendly Service: The staff speaks good English, which is a big plus if you don’t know the local language. The best thing is they are also patient so don’t worry about trying on dozen of jewelry.
  3. Customization Options: The best thing about this store is that they can customize any jewelry piece for you that can match with your other ornaments , just give them some days and they’ll provide to with a majestic piece.

How to Choose the Right Jewelry Shop

It is not always about the bling, when choosing the right Jewelry shop during your travel here is what to look for:

  1. Return Policy: Flexibility is the key to a great jewelry store
  2. Certification: BIS hallmark is a must, without don’t even enter
  3. Design range: The range should be varied with a mix from traditional to modern so that you may easily match your style.
  4. Price Transparency: No extra cost or hidden costs


Bangalore’s jewelry scene is diverse, vibrant and competitive as the city itself, you’ll surely find the perfect match here. So whether you decide on going for a traditional gold or modern design, you are sure to find the perfect match here in Bangalore. Do remember that the best jewelry shop isn’t about having the most shiniest pieces. It’s all about trust, quality and finding a rare and unique piece that speaks to you. If you are travelling to Bangalore, wondering Which jewelry shop is best in Bangalore? Maybe it’s time to find out.


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